Valentine’s day is top top its way. Together usual, LEGO has actually released a collection to commemorate the occasion; this year that is 40462 Valentine"s Brown Bear. I desire to referee this collection for any type of interest group, regardless of your love-life, so quite than looking at this as just a Valentine’s set, I’ll likewise be looking at its component selection.

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The Parts

Retailed in ~ $14.99 / £13.49 / €14.99, the price per component comes out approximately 6 cents, making that a fairly cheap set.


As you have the right to see, reddish Brown is the most-used colour in this set, followed by shining Red/ Red and also Brick Yellow/ Tan. Over there is a nice big selection that sloped bricks and also curved bricks, and 7 varieties of SNOT bricks and also brackets.


There room no new moulds or recolours to be uncovered in the set. There are a few otherwise-interesting parts:

1x clip 1 x 2 - 2 x 2 inverted in Cool Yellow/ Bright light Yellow (6296485 | 99207) is previously found in just two 2020 sets, and likewise makes an appearance in the 43191 Ariel’s Celebration watercraft from the January 2021 wave. 1 x plate 2 x 2 in Bright irradiate Yellow (6316265 | 3022) likewise appeared in just two 2020 sets, yet starts 2021 v 4 brand-new appearances. 1x bowl Angled 3 x 3 through Heart form in Red (6276193 | 39613) was in 2 earlier sets, and additionally shows up in the 2021 collection 41448 Heartlake City Movie Theater.

The Build


Of course, friend can provide your very own spin to this message. Because that instance, for a wedding proposal: Hide a ring inside, or if you desire to notice a pregnancy, you can include a date and a baby. Simply make sure you don’t overdo the ;-).

We move on come the bear. Its human body hides a nice choice of SNOT bricks that acquire covered in the reddish Brown slopes and also curves. The legs and arms room added, through a pretty micro-build love to hold.

Comparing the heart v the official set art (above right), it appears someone needed an extra cup of coffee before starting the shoot.


This collection really functions for me. It’s just cute. I’m glad that this year, LEGO didn’t walk for another Brickheadz, together this style captures a bear much better. Don’t gain me wrong, I execute like the 40379 Bear, yet the included details that the 40462 provides it stand out part more.

The covert message in the basic is a good extra feature, the you can use to personalise her build. And if you’re not right into the Valentine’s day stuff, leave the end the hearts and also just have actually a cute bear. And if you can’t even bear the design, the collection is likewise a good parts-pack with a an option of SNOT, curves and also slopes.

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