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Level: Beginner

Legs increase the wall (Viparita Karani) is a exorbitant relaxation practice to do before or ~ Pilates and also yoga, or anytime you require some stress relief. You have the right to practice that for simply a pair of minute or because that as long as 15 minutes. It is a good way to end an practice session or to use for relaxation or meditation.


This easy exercise will certainly relax you, help with puffy legs and also tired feet, and also increase blood flow to the core of the body. After exercise, it help return fluid from your legs to your circulation. It also provides a stretch to the hamstrings in ~ the back of your thighs, your lower back, and also torso.

Step-by-Step accuse

Place a Pilates/yoga mat or an additional firm, padded surface perpendicular to a wall.

typical Mistakes

This pose is simple to achieve, however be sure to protect against these errors.


Don't organize your breath. Acquisition conscious, deep breaths can enhance the relaxation of this pose.

getting Into and also out the the posture

If you absence flexibility and agility you can find that harder to get down and ago up from this pose. Take it it slow and be sure not come twist or use forceful actions.

Modifications and also Variations

As with plenty of yoga poses and also Pilates exercises, there are ways to readjust this to enhance your ability level.

need a Modification?

Some human being like a neck roll under your neck or a small folded ceiling under your shoulders and head.

If friend have difficulty keeping your legs in position, you could use a yoga strap to save them together.

Up for a Challenge?

Placing a pair of blankets or a bolster under your hips provides this an ext of an inversion.

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While her legs space up, girlfriend might also enjoy stretching them into a large V form or bending your knees so the the soles of your feet room together as the edge of the feet stay against the wall.