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civilizations 2016 – Quarterfinals tickets

We can’t wait come touchdown in Chicago v eight the the optimal teams to begin the worlds 2016 - Knockout Stage.

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TL;DR: Quarterfinals tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, July 27 in ~ 10:00 to be PT starting at $36.50 USD via Ticketmaster.

At Quarterfinals, we’ll be kicking turn off the Knockout stage of the 2016 organization of Legends human being Championship. Just eight teams will remain and also will compete to get one step closer come the Summoner’s Cup. Here’s everything you require to obtain Quarters tickets and also witness spectacle of civilizations 2016 live native Chicago:


When carry out Quarterfinals tickets go on sale?

Tickets will certainly go on sale on Wednesday, July 27 at 10:00 to be PT via Ticketmaster.

How lot are tickets?

Tickets space $54.50 ($43.50 base price + $11.00 business fees) for the Orchestra/Loge and $36.50 ($28.50 base price + $ 8.00 service fees) because that the Balcony, add to applicable fees.

Where are the best seats in the house? What go the setup watch like?

Quarters will be a traditional stage setup like the regular season the the NA LCS or Worlds 2015 Quarterfinals. Orchestra seats are closest come the stage yet every seat offers a an excellent viewing experience.

Can you check the final prices after ~ fees and also taxes?

Fees vary based on the individual buyer since you can need to pay taxes based upon your location. Fees also vary based upon how you decide to get your ticket such as e-ticket, will certainly call, mailing, etc. Discover out an ext information on Ticketmaster.

Do I need to make one account come buy tickets?

Yes, Ticketmaster requires an account to purchase tickets. To save time, us recommend that you sign-up and also create one account before tickets walk live.

Will over there be a queue/waiting web page for tickets?

If the event is in high enough demand, Ticketmaster offers a queue device that will select purchasing stimulate by random lottery. Being in the queue or lobby no guarantee the you’ll be able to purchase tickets.

How countless days space my ticket(s) great for?

One ticket it s okay you a chair at at some point of the event.

I want to walk to multiple job of the event. Deserve to I buy a ticket package?

There’s no multi-day ticket package available. You’ll have to purchase her tickets individually for each day.

Are seat assigned? I desire to sit with my friends.

If you want to sit through your friends, buy tickets together. Seats room assigned because that every ticket.

Are ticket refundable?

Tickets space non-refundable.

How numerous tickets deserve to I purchase at once?

Six tickets may be purchased every order.

Will much more tickets go on sale?

There will be extremely restricted quantities exit in at an early stage September based on our last production setup. If you desire to guarantee a seat in ~ Quarterfinals, we indicate not waiting due to the fact that we can not guarantee ease of access after the initial tide of tickets.

When will tickets because that other worlds 2016 stages (Semis, Finals) be released?


Head on end to ours 2016 organization of Legends world Championship ticket guide for much more information.

Venue and also Event Details

Where is the venue?

The Chicago Theatre, 175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601

When do Quarterfinals start on every day?

Games begin at 5:00 PM local time (Central Time) top top October 13 – October 16.

When carry out doors open at Quarters?

Doors open up at 4:00 PM local time (Central Time) top top October 13 – October 16.

What language will certainly the live comment of the occasion be in in ~ Quarters?

Live commentary will certainly be in English.

Will over there be translate in radios with other languages available?

Due to the regional popularity that this event, we expect that the overwhelming majority of fans will certainly be from north America. As a result, translate into radios to hear alternate-language commentary will not it is in provided.

Is there period restriction because that players to attend Quarters?

All attendees under 13 need to be add by one adult over the period of 18. The accompanying adult is forced to have a valid ticket for the event.

Can I lug my camera right into the venue?

We encourage photos and videos from your seat however leave monopods, take self sticks, tripods, and big rigs in ~ home. Generally, anything that deserve to block the see or disrupt the experience of the others roughly you is a no-go.

Can I carry my very own food and also drink right into the arena? Where can I smoke? have the right to I bring a backpack come the venue?

We’ll release a Quarterfinals Survival guide for attendees closer come the event to answer these questions.

Format and Match Schedule


What’s the Knockout Stage? what’s the format?

The 2016 human being Championship tournament is separation into 2 phases: the team Stage adhered to by the Knockout Stage.

Eight teams development to the Knockout Stage and matchups will change to Bo5 format. The Knockout Stage starts with Quarterfinals in Chicago.

What games are being played on i m sorry day?

The complement schedule will certainly be released instantly after we determine the Knockout phase bracket live top top the last day that the team Stage. You re welcome be advised the you might not check out your favorite team or region play ~ above a particular day in ~ Quarters.

Each job will attribute one ideal of 5 series.

What space the stakes?

The winners in ~ Quarterfinals will relocate on come Semifinals in brand-new York to fight to obtain one step closer come the desire Summoner’s Cup and also World championship glory.

Community Events

Will over there be ar events at the Quarters?

 While Quarterfinals matches take place in The Chicago Theatre, simply down the street at Millennium Park we’re holding Quarterfinals city hall Parties for the last two days the matches. No ticket needed, yet the present is very first come, very first served, so come early! October 15-16 (NOT 13-14), doors open at 4:00 PM, simulcast starts in ~ 5:00 PM, closes once matches end. Keep an eye ~ above the Facebook event for any kind of last minute updates.

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We can’t wait to touchdown in Chicago through eight of the peak teams to start the people 2016 – Knockout Stage.