Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the the majority of renowned roadways of the city of Las Vegas which is a principal city of Nevada state, in the southeastern component of the United States of America. Las Vegas Boulevard is the street wright here a great variety of casinos and also various other gaming establishments deserve to be found. The most famous gaming and also accommodation infrastructure of the city favor Wynn Las Vegas, Wynn LVNV, Treacertain Island - TI Hotel & Casino, a Radischild Hotel, Encore At Wynn Las Vegas, Resorts World Las Vegas, Travelodge by Wyndham Las Vegas, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, Hilton Vacation Club on the Boulevard, Stratospbelow Casino, Hotel & Tower, Hotel Las Vegas Oasis, and many kind of others are situated on Las Vegas Boulevard.Las Vegas Boulevard is among the a lot of renowned main streets of the city which is always filled via world, greatly tourists and guests of the city. It is also among the longest boulevards in the totality region as its size is estimated to exceed 54 miles. Las Vegas Boulevard lies parallel to Interstate 91 which is the primary highmethod running from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and also better to the north of the Pacific region. Las Vegas Boulevard is also famous bereason a huge portion of it is serving as National Scenic Bymeans. The Boulevard is also a area of the famous Las Vegas Spilgrimage which is a component of the boulevard, about 4 miles lengthy. The stripe is the area where the city"s the majority of famed and also famous casinos and also hotels are situated.

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Wbelow is Las Vegas Boulevard, NV, USA on Map?

Roadway map of Las Vegas Boulevard, NV, USA reflects wright here the area is put.

Las Vegas Boulevard, NV, USA Lat Long Coordinates Info

The latitude of Las Vegas Boulevard, NV, USA is 36.181271,and also the longitude is -115.134132.Las Vegas Boulevard, NV, USA is situated at United States nation in the Streets location category via the gps coordinates of 36° 10" 52.5756"" N and also 115° 8" 2.8752"" W.

CountryLatitudeLongitudeDMS LatDMS LongUTM EastingUTM NorthingCategoryCounattempt CodeZoom Level
United States
36° 10" 52.5756"" N
115° 8" 2.8752"" W

Coordinates of Las Vegas Boulevard, NV, USA is offered over in both decimal levels andDMS (levels, minutes and also seconds) format. The nation code offered is in the ISO2 format.

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