Few points are an ext fun 보다 googly eyes. Walk ahead, name 3 craft supplies that deserve to make you smile much more than googly eyes. … Wait, that’s probably not fair. Because ANY brand-new craft offers are precious smiling over. Yet anyway, googly eyes are just plain fun and if I’ve learned anything native my year of life, it’s how to make a funny thing even funner: do it JUMBO!

Really, my mantel has actually never had so much fun. The gigantic googly eyes might just need to stay up year-round due to the fact that I’m not certain I can ever “blind” my awesome bookcase mantel and also take away all the personality the these cute eyes give him. (Yes, it’s a him. Don’t ask how I know.) and just think exactly how adorable these would certainly be on a Christmas tree or also just grounding on a door or wall surface or a TV or…. You gain the idea.

You have the right to buy a collection of huge googly eye for around $10 a pair. Or, you can take that same $10 and make roughly 20 pairs. Or you have the right to spend $1 and also some spare craft supplies and also make 2-4 pairs. The mathematics is all the very same — DIY jumbo googly eyes room super cheap, supervisor easy. These will certainly take you less than 10 minutes. Most likely waaay less if you deserve to do it as soon as you don’t have little “helpers” hovering. And I have two techniques for you, depending on what supplies you have the right to wrangle in ~ your regional dollar store.

How to Make large Googly Eyes

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clear plastic or white paper/plastic key (mine room from dollar Tree – the clear ones are dessert key in a load of 8 and the white ones are bigger plates in a pack of 8)black cardstock or handmade foamwhite cardstock (for alternative 1)a clear plastic sheet protector (for alternative 2)glue stick and/or warm glue gunmagnets or difficult tack to cave the eye with

Jumbo Googly Eyes, option 1:


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Grab a white plastic/paper plate, black color cardstock/foam, and also a clean sheet protector.Trace the inner rim of the plate top top the paper protector and cut the out. (I hosted the paper protector on top and also traced the circle using a dry erase marker.)Cut out a smaller black circle and also place it within the plate.Use warm glue come stick the clean circle, reduced from the sheet protector, to the upper inside rim of the plate. The best an approach for me seemed to be to affix it in ~ one point, and then traction the plastic taut and also glue it directly across from that, and then repeat for the various other sides.