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Kramer is a generally German and Dutch occupational surname for a shopkeeper, peddler, haberdasher, or hawker of an excellent and wares, deriving indigenous the middle High German and Middle short German word kram, definition something follow me the present of booth, commerce post, or tent. Another source states it derived from one Austrian word meaning “merchant”. Others assert the name arisen in Bavaria. A Cremer or Kramer would take trip to the nation side to buy staples such together hens, eggs, and butter and carried the items back to sector in a pack on his back known as a “Cram”. However another resource asserts the name is Flemish in origin and was brought to England by French and also Flemish Huguenots (Protestants) that were facing spiritual persecution in Europe during the 1500s and 1600s. In England, the an initial documented assignment of the surname is one Abraham Cremer, who was baptized on January 1st, 1552 at St. Margaret’s Westminster. The castle is also widespread in main and eastern Europe.

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Spelling variations include Kramer, Kremer, Kraemer, Kreamer, Krammer, Krahmer, Krahmer, Kraymer, Kraimer, and others. Cramer, found in the brothers Isles and US/Canada, is the Anglicized spelling of the name.

As the the 2000 Census, the surname Kramer ranked 474th in popularity in the united States. The ranks highest in the five following states: phibìc Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and also Nebraska. The castle Kramer is very common in the following countries: Germany (55th), Netherlands (53rd), Switzerland (204th), Austria (231st), and Denmark (423rd).

Some the the earliest American inhabitants who bore this surname include Andreas Kramer and Hans Kramer (Germantown, Pennsylvania, roughly ~1690), Antonius Kramer (New York 1709), john Kramer (New York 1709), and also Jan Kramer (New York 1715). Over there were likewise several at an early stage Kremers, including Peter Kremer (New York 1709), Anthony Kremer (New York 1710), and Adam, Hans Adam, and also Hendrich Kremer (Pennsylvania 1731).

john Henry Kramer

There are hundreds of notable world throughout history who boring the Kramer surname, not minimal to, however including the following: 1) Adolph Kramer (1871-1934) that was a Silesian German chest grasp 2) man Henry Kramer (1918-1995) who was a pitcher in significant League Baseball that was born in new Orleans, Louisiana, and also played for four different teams in between 1939-1951, 3) Jens Kramer Mikkelsen (1951) that was the Lord mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark from 1989 come 2004, 4) Joseph Michael Kramer, nicknamed Kramedog, who was the drummer because that the American rock tape Aerosmith, born in the Bronx, new York, 5) Kenny Kramer (1943) who is a stand-up comedian on i beg your pardon the character Kramer from the struggle TV sitcom Seinfeld was based on, 6) Kane Kramer (1956) who was a brother businessman and inventor credited with the initial innovation of the digital audio player, 7) Samuel Kraemer (1857-1937) who was a farmer, rancher, and businessman born in Illinois who is taken into consideration to be one of the significant developers that the city of Anaheim, California in the 1920s, 8) Jana Rae Kramer (1983) that is one American actress and also country music singer known for her duty on the TV display One Tree Hill, having actually been born in Rochester Hills, Michigan, 9) john Albert “Jack” Kramer (1921-2009) that was an American tennis player during the 1940s and 1950s that was from ras Vegas, Nevada, that was ranked no. 1 in the civilization for several years, and one tournaments such as Wimbledon, united state Open, and French Pro, and also 10) william Erik Kramer (1964) that is a previous American football quarterback born in Encino, California who played for 5 different teams in the NFL and also CFL indigenous 1987 come 1999.

The ancestry or pedigree of the Kramer family members can it is in traced earlier several hundreds years. One of the earliest documented bearers the this name was Burkhart Kraemer, that was born in Germany around 1520. That married a woman called Elisabeth and had two sons with her: Paulus and also Johannes. His son Paulus Kramer to be born in Rheinland, Prussian, Germany in approximately 1545. The married Anna Enger and had a kid with her called Sonntag. Sonntag was born in Germany (Deutschland) in 1588. He married a woman named Elsa and fathered a kid with her named Johann. This Johann Valentine Kramer to be born in Dudweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz in 1620. The married Margretha Fritsch and also had the following issue with her: Johann Peter and also Elisabeth Catharina. Johann Peter, also known together Hans, Kramer to be born in Dudweiler, Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany in 1653. He was a miller and also brew grasp by trade. The married Anna Barbara Lorenz and also had three children: Hans Adam, Mathias Wilheim, and Margarethe (Klas). His son, Mathias Wilheim Kramer (or Kreamer or Kraemer), to be born in Dudweiler in 1692. That is possible he boring a cloak of eight that illustrated a black color ram’s head top top a yellow shield. The went to colonial America and also arrived in Pennsylvania in 1732. He had actually married Elisabeth Theiss. They had numerous concern together as follows: Anna Caecilia, Andreas Ferdinand, Johann Jacob, Martin, Johann Henrich, Maria Catharina, Ludwig, and also Christiana. His son Andreas Ferdinand “Andrew” Kramer (or Kreamer) was born in Lampertheim, Odenwald, Hess, Germany in 1712. He saw the American colonies with his father whereby he married Maria Magdalena Birckel in Lutheran Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1738. He was the dad of the adhering to children: Anna Christina (Gutmann), Ludwig, Andrew, Andreas, Johannes, Daniel, Johan George Sr., man George, john Jacob, Jacob, Christina, Catharine Elizabeth, Adam, Christina, Anna Rosina (Dubbs), and Michael. Two of these sons walk on to create other sons.

First, his child Adam Kramer to be born in Tulpohocken Township, Pennsylvania in 1753. He married Crestena Dubbs and had 2 sons v her as follows: Ludwig and also Philip.

Second, his boy John George Kramer to be born in Bethel, PA in 1746. He married Anna Sophia Gutman and had the following problem with her: man George Jr., Johann Wilhelm, Andreas, Johann Henrich, Catherine Margaret, Daniel, Catherine Elizabeth (Baddorf), and also Michael. His boy John George Jr. To be born in Berks, PA in 1767. The married Margaretha Elizabeth Beyer and also had four sons through her together follows: George, Michael, John, and David. His son John Kreamer to be born in pine Grove, PA in 1801. That married Catherina Krigbaum and had the following issue with her: George Washington, Samuel, Susannah, Margaret, David, and William. His son George Washington Creamer to be born in center County, PA in 1828. The married Matilda Neill and also had the following worry with her: man N., Marietta C. (Grammon), George Franklin, Forrest H., Robert Lafayette, wilhelm Hudson, Rebecca (Grammon), Frances Emma Richardson, and Margaret jane (Irey). The passed away in Kansas in 1903. His kid George Franklin Creamer or Cramer was born in Pennsylvania in 1857. He married Emma Belle Phelps in 1882 in Kansas. They had the following children together: man Rossmore, Maurice Edgar, buy it Mabel, Leo Vernon, Maud E., Pearl Emma (Swedener), and also Roy Franklin. His son, Reverend man Rossmore Creamer, to be born in Lenora, Kansas in 1883. That married Eva might Martin and also had two issue with her: Lyle and also Laura Emma (Skinner). His kid Lyle M. Was born in the 1900s, had actually children, and also passed far in the 1960s.

Another branch of the Kramer household emigrated from Germany come Philadelphia, Pennsylvania aboard the Britannnica in 1773. The adhering to members were videotaped in the ship’s manifest: Ludwig, Martin, Johnann Georg, Johan Martin, Johan Balthaser, and also Johann Adam Kraamer. Johann Georg come from Kramer was from Karlsbrunn. According to, “Johan Balthaser and also Johann Georg more than likely both worked initially at a glass making basic at Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, then moved to Frederick County, Maryland, working at the Amelung glass functions at new Bremen. This basic went bankrupt in 1790, and members of the Kramer family members subsequently moved west. If en route the caravan stopped at Tomlinson’s Tavern close to the present village of Grantsville, Md., in between Cumberland, Md., and also Uniontown, Pa., on the trail i beg your pardon later came to be the nationwide Road. Below they met Albert Gallatin, who had purchased and named the town brand-new Geneva after his indigenous Swiss city that Geneva”.

Giert Kramer was born in Delftholt, Germany around 1640. He married Beate Smith and later Maria von Rechen in Bergen, Norway. He to be the father of the following children: Claus Giertsson, Hans Giersten, Herman Giersten, Jan, Dorothe Dyring (Kaee), Henrich, Giert Giersten, Hendrich Giersten, and also Beate (Bennechen). His kid Giert Giertsen Kramer to be born in Bergen, Norway in 1673. He had the adhering to issue: Beate, Christen, Regine Giertsdatter (von Essen), Giert Giersten, january Giersten, Cornelius, cutting board Giersten, Maren Giertsdatter, and Herman Giertsen.

Johanne Kraemer was born in Schifferstadt, Germany in about 1730. His boy Stephan was born in the very same town around 1750. Stephan married Catherina Englert and also had the following problem with her: Martin, Johannes, Georg, Valentine, Francis Jacob, and Maria Francisca. His son Francis Jacon Kraemer was born in Schifferstadt, Bayern, Germany (Deutschland) in 1783. He married Maria Eva Hebberger and had the following issue with her: Margaretha, boy name Joseph, Catherine, Joannes, Gertrude, Georg Michael, and also Valentin. His kid Joannes (or Jacob) Kramer to be born in the same town in 1815. The married Kartharina Beckman and had two youngsters with her: Valentin and Maria Anna.

It is interested to keep in mind that were four soldiers with the lock Cramer in the Muster roll of valley Forge, an important battle in the American Revolution. Those 4 names are as follows: Andrew Cramer (2nd brand-new Jersey), Jacob Cramer (German), Jacob Cramer (German, first Lieutenant), and Jacob Cramer (4th Pennsylvania).

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