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1st Lion Knight The first Lion Knight was a faientice. Its vision permanently resolved a few moments into the future, it was pushed mad living exterior of time and deemed as well unsecure to lead the Golden Entity’s militaries. Now imprisoned deep within the Golden Labyrinth, the initially Lion Knight stews in its derangement, the heady stench attracting Wailing Smoke from all corners of the abyss. The initially Lion Knight spends its lonely days in lively conversation with them.

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second Lion Knight Three brother generals command the large militaries of the Golden Entities domajor. Each imbued with a various temperament and also a strong will of their own. The middle brvarious other is the most attached to the humale industry and artisattempt. He cultivates a courtly civilized appearance and also graceful swordsmanship, bordering himself via huguy thralls permitting them to reap their brief tragic existence in his awesome presence. The Lion Knight is the many humale of the Golden Entities developments and also is forever before obsessed with truly understanding male. Ash, Ryan, and Sam are scholars elevated and also educated from the Lion Knight"s personal museums. They share a life of deluxe and also exploration, often traveling with the Lion Knight on grand art collecting expeditions. Their unique life renders them some of the the majority of knowledgeable women in all of Kingdom Death. Granting them domain over also some White Speaker stories, including the keys of ageing, providing them eternally healthy and youthful bodies.

Chosen The apotheosis of the Entity"s bottomless narcissism, the Chosen are created in the Entity"s self-picture. Its glory made flesh. Imbued with savage beauty matched by their intense vanity. The grinding machinery of the Divine Lands freezes wherever they pass. Thstormy their eyes the Entity casts its self-loving gaze upon the vastness of its development. Although they walk the land also untested their impetuous rage leave swaths of smoldering damage in their wake.

Forge God The Forge God minds the furnaces of the Holy Lands, a enormous creature whose incredibly pores develop the holy steel that the edifices of the Holy Lands are made of. He is consumed by the desire for perfection in his functions, the Mothers, Grandmothers and White Knights are his personal masterworks.

Grand Mvarious other Couple of liked victims endure the treatment of raw god metal that prepares a womb to withstand and nurture the ghastly cocktail that offers rise to the monsters of the Holy Lands. The truly holy mothers are beatified as Grand Mothers, transformed right into creatures embodying the maternal life-offering best of the Entity. These unique few give birth to the Entity"s the majority of precious kids, the huge winged Blessed Ones. The Grand also Mother"s womb is braced heavy ornate gut plates. Within, a hostile heater of creation churns. She has a mouthed cord growing from her belly that devours male organs of her mates to better the possibilities of divine conception. The Grand also Mvarious other is a rare, horrifying opponent, possessing a understand the Other and defended by the watchful eye of the Entity itself.
Wet Nurse The Wet Nurse is a solitary minded monster that serves the Entity of the Divine Lands. Its just objective is to nourish the creatures born in the Holy Lands through the molten milk it produces. This is the nutrition that carries within it the imperatives and also instincts to serve the Entity of the Holy Lands. The monsters birthed by the Mothers and also Grand also Mothers of the Holy Lands are taken by the Wet Nurses who"s milk is the very will of the Entity. Humans taken from their mothers at birth are nursed by the Wet Nurses to create the mindless shambling masses of Holy Landers that live in the Entity"s fiefdom.
White Knight The glorious White Knights are the army could of the Divine Lands and enforcers of the Golden Entity"s capricious whims. Their exquisitely crafted white and also gold armor makes no sound as they march via the dark, narrowhead passeras of the Divine City and beyond. What dwells inside the fully-enclosed armor is an enigma. Many kind of speculate they are born from the furnace guts of the Mothers, unfeeling, loyal bycommodities of huguy birth testing. What dwells inside the exquisitely crafted armor is an enigma born in the heater guts of the Mothers. A byproduct of generations of eugenic testing transforming the civilization of the Holy Lands in the business of the Golden Entity.

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White Knight Heavy The White Knight Heavy is the backbone of the armed forces ranks, their huge tools bringing up the rear of the Holy Lands" brutal martial forces.
White Lion Huge terrifying lions with a stselection huguy curiosity and also huguy hands. Their white fur shines via flecks of gold when the sunlight hits them straight, a stvariety comparison to their bloated and sad faces. They are a dominant predator in the holy lands and have actually end up being a symbol of incentive and beauty for the entity that stays over all. Occasionally they are trained and also retained as partners by Man-Hunters.