Base AtkBase HP Max Atk Max HP Lvl 100 Atk Lvl 100 HP Lvl 120 Atk Lvl 120 HP
NP per Hit (%)NP when attacked (%)
Star AbsorptionStar Generation per Hit

ATK Support
Self NP obtain Up
AoE Buster NP
NP damages Down
Crit damage Down
Debuff Res Down



Sprouting the a way King B

Chance to inflict Charm top top a single opponent (1 turn). Gain crucial Stars each revolve (3 turns).


Gate that BabylonB+

Deal heavy damages to every enemies.

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to decrease NP strength for all opponents (1 turn).Decrease crucial Strength for all adversaries (1 turn).Decrease Debuff stand up to for all adversaries (1 turn).

Gate of Babylon

King's Treasure


Deal heavy damage to all enemies.

Overcharge Effect

Decrease NP toughness for all enemies (1 turn).Decrease crucial Strength because that all opponents (1 turn).Decrease Debuff stand up to for all enemies (1 turn).

Gate of Babylon (Upgrade 1)B++

Upgrade via Interlude pursuit 1

Deal heavy damage to all enemies.

decrease NP stamin for all enemies (1 turn).Decrease critical Strength for all opponents (1 turn).Decrease Debuff withstand for all opponents (1 turn).

Gate the Babylon (Upgrade 1)

King's Treasure

Deal heavy damage to every enemies.
Overcharge Effect

Decrease NP stamin for all opponents (1 turn).Decrease critical Strength for all adversaries (1 turn).Decrease Debuff stand up to for all adversaries (1 turn).


Assorted Info

IDCostGenderGrowthInst. Fatality ChanceDamage circulation QuickDamage distribution ArtsDamage circulation BusterDamage distribution ExtraDamage distribution NP
Reverse S

Attack / HP Growth

✔ Interlude 1Chapter Completion: London

Ascension: 3

Bond: 5

✖ location Up 1 (ETA: 2/2023)Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 4

Bond: 0


Skill 2

Total materials Required

AscensionSkillAppend SkillAsc + SkillTotal

Costume dress Materials

April Fool's0
Manifestation of The golden Rule

When fitted on son Gilgamesh,Increases party"s NP gain by 15% while the is top top the field.

Table of Contents


“We made rather a mess. I"ll leave the clean approximately you.”

Kid Gilgamesh, Ko-Gil, the well-behaved and mild-mannered son version that the prideful Gilgamesh, is an approximation to his adult me gameplay-wise, albeit at a reduced rarity. With his likewise high attack relative come his peers, his base high star weight, powerful Charisma buff, high-ranking Divinity, NP Interlude, and great Independent Action rank, the boasts many of big Gilgamesh’s facets in damage, and also even NP acquire via his Golden Rule.

‘Lil Gil’s other key strength originates from his NP. Gate of Babylon’s Overcharge plasters every foes with tremendous NP damage down and critical rate under debuffs because that a solitary turn, severely limiting your potential damage output for the turn. As his NP also lowers their debuff resistance (though only for the turn), he can also combo with various other Servants who have an effective debuffs v a low opportunity to hit. Finally, he can Charm Humanoid adversaries with a relatively high success price to aid disrupt and delay them.

However, in exchange for his utility and support, Ko-Gil misses the end on the powerful anti-Servant NP, star generation and also critical-related skills of his enlarge counterpart, hence lacking the high damage ceiling his adult version has. He likewise lacks any kind of reliable on-demand defensive skills for drawn out fights, difficulty Quests and also the like, instead having only his NP’s debuffs as a means to mitigate enemy damage output. Additionally, his Charm has actually a high cooldown, make it unlikely to it is in used much more than once in a battle.

Overall, while lacking raw damage, son Gil is one AoE Buster Servant that still manages come carve out a semi-supporting niche v his high Charisma buff and the potent debuffs ~ above his NP.


Good Teamwide Support

Kid Gil not only manages to increase his team’s damages capacity through ease with his above average Charisma buff, yet he additionally has an upgraded NP which have the right to support his team defensively and also offensively. Gate of Babylon all at once inflicts an effective debuffs which reduced the vital and NP damages of every enemies, and combines well through Servants that inflict status impacts of your own as result of its debuff resistance reduction. Furthermore, gate of Babylon"s struggle counts are an extremely impressive and also capable that generating a good sum of an important Stars if that activates Overkill or if Masters carry out Kid Gil v Star Generation buffs (much like EMIYA).

Above average NP Gain

Between golden Rule boosting his NP generation rate, his two Arts cards, and also his above-average Archer star weight enabling crits, Ko-Gil have the right to charge his NP quite easily.

Enemy Disruption with Charm

With a Charm ability able to hit Humanoids, Lil’ Gil can potentially disrupt adversary NP turns, stalling them for one turn. As a great number of opponents (particularly bosses, and virtually every Servant) have actually the Humanoid trait, Fair Youth will watch a great amount the use.


Lower damages Ceiling

Sporting a kit which no capitalize ~ above the an important niche the Archer class leans towards does hinder child Gil’s preferably potential damage. With just his Charisma to count on for damage boosts, his NP likewise doesn’t hit very hard in compare to several of his AoE peers despite having actually an Interlude.

Low defensive Capability

In enhancement to his Charm being on a long cooldown, Ko-Gil has a lower HP pool and no on-demand defensive abilities. Thus, he demands the aid of other Servants to defend himself in long, protracted fights, therefore he deserve to ideally fire his NP off multiple times. Often, even the massive NP damage reduction of his NP isn’t sufficient for survival against enemy NPs without additional sources of NP damages down indigenous Servants such as Nightingale.

Level Up ability Recommendation

Charisma A+

Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns).

Show Info

Our young Gilgamesh mostly fits into a more supportive duty with him wanting to buff his teammates and increase their damages output. Thus, his skills should ideally be leveled based upon the influence they provide in this manner. Leaving his an abilities at 6 is generally an excellent enough, however those who choose his kit have the right to squeeze out more performance through maxing the end Charisma in particular.

Due to Charisma giving the highest possible immediate impact in terms of team support via that is increased damage output, this skill must be maxed first. In enhancement to buffing his team’s attacks, it likewise provides a noticeable an increase to his otherwise low NP damage.

Sadly, when the Charm versus Humanoid opponents does have actually its utility, the long cooldown ~ above Fair Youth even at max renders it challenging to usage this ability multiple times throughout a battle. Additionally, also when maxed out, the Charm success price remains one inconsistent 75%. This skill can be left because that last.

Kid Gil wants to be able to fire off his NP with its multiple useful effects as shortly as that can, as frequently as the can. However, making complete use that the debuffs might require a master to host on to his NP because that a if to gain the right timing. Still, as Golden Rule does not offer the most immediate impact in regards to team assistance or damage, the capacity to acquire NP much faster will help him extremely nonetheless. Level this second.

Craft essence Recommendation

Kid Gil is finest used for either offering a hybrid that support and also AoE damage to the team, or just as one AoE Archer for brand-new Masters. For Masters looking to rise his all at once damage, emphasis on either boosting his NP damage via Buster Performance / NP Damage as they stack well through his Charisma. Alternatively, consider augmenting his crucial niche via Critical Damage. Because that farming purposes, as result of his AoE NP, Masters have to definitely go for Starting NP Gauge CEs instead.

Holy Night Supper / very first Sunrise / Partake with the King: A strong option because that clearing waves. Lil’ Gil can charge the rest of his his NP gauge pretty quickly with golden Rule. In return, he gets a enlarge damage rise than one would acquire from Kaleidoscope or imagine Element.

Victor that the Moon / joint Recital: The main an important damage options. While this option requires plenty of star generation support for Ko-Gil, the return in damages output deserve to be precious the invest in the lengthy run. They likewise have Buster boosts too to increase his NP damage if need be.

Limited/Zero over / Verdant Sound that Destruction: grants a much-appreciated Buster boost to Ko-Gil, permitting him to inflict further damages with his NPBB chains while not losing out too much on potential beginning NP gauge CE’s.

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Kaleidoscope / imagine Element: For instances where Ko-Gil needs to automatically use his NP to manipulate his NP’s lowering of debuff resistance. Also if need be, for farming waves.