Well for the past month or so, Justin Bieber’s Instagram has actually been ablaze through cameos from celebrities and musicians alike every contributing to a countdown the sorts that all have a variation of “What do You Mean?” and also a number that has actually been going down. Significant celebrities the have promoted the countdown incorporate Martin Garrix, mark Wahlberg and also Skrillex himself Well we are ultimately at the finish of the timer – and also we are finally hearing another Skrillex x Justin Bieber collaboration.

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EDIT: According come a publicist representing Skrillex, that did not produce Justin Bieber’s recent single,What carry out You Mean. Although Skrillex did have actually a hand in the manufacturing of Bieber’s album, he to be not associated with this certain track. 


After the mega success of “Where room U Now” have the right to you reference them because that trying again? Well, somehow, i think lock did it again. It’s a little slower than their previous job-related together, and this track is centered much more around The Bieb’s voice and also vocals quite than Sonny’s manufacturing skills…and i really really choose it and also I’m not ashamed to say it. There will be the typical backlash just due to the fact that people review the name “Justin Bieber” on over there – however everything around the track is crisp and toned. Skrillex complements Bieber’s voice perfectly, through his rendition that tropical house. Examine out the video clip below.

Justin Bieber – What perform You median | Download


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Image credit : Billboard.com

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Listen to the brand-new Skrillex created Justin Bieber track – What execute You Mean

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