The stunning Guiding Light written by Foy Vance is Donna’s monitor up release to the worldwide phenomenon jealous of the Angels which has had over 150 Million video streams. The recording features Omagh ar Youth Choir indigenous Donna’s home town.

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Donna is giving the ‘Celtic Lady Set’ in ~ a one-of-a-kind discounted price solely on! This consists of Donna’s debut album Celtic Lady Volume I and also her brand brand-new album Celtic Lady Volume II.
This is no a CD or DVD

The lucky One every the Lies difficult Times jealous of the Angels Blue eye Crying in the Rain life in these Troubled time changed Peggy Gordon once the appropriate One Comes along speed of the Sound of Loneliness thorn Upon the climbed
The sensational ‘Jealous that The Angels’, created by Jenn Bostic has actually reached number one in the iTunes simple Listening chart in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, brand-new Zealand, south Africa and the Netherlands after ~ Donna’s music video clip for the song went famous on Facebook.

and its No. 1 success in the easy Listening group ‘Jealous that The Angels’ remained in the height 50 downloaded songs across all category in the USA.

Mom is Donna’s an initial single native her 3rd album. The tune was written by wynn Varble and Don Sampson and was relax by Bonnie Tyler in 2013 and also Garth Brooks in 2014.
Changed is Donna’s an initial single native her 2nd album due to be released in fall 2013. The tune was co-written through Gary LeVox that is the command singer from American/New nation legends Rascal Flatts.

The tape recorded and also released the monitor in 2012. Donna has put her very own stamp ~ above this an effective song i beg your pardon is aptly named and represents an exciting brand-new stage in Donna’s very own musical career.

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Song for Ireland Raglan roadway The trip Carrickfergus No Frontiers Danny young bright Blue increased She moved Through the fair Caledonia mary from Dungloe grace The town I love So fine
Donna’s debut solitary Bright Blue rose was take away from she debut album Celtic Lady. The tune was written and recorded by Jimmy McCarthy and also was subsequently covered by mary Black and also Christy Moore.

Donna’s version of this beautiful song has been widely acclaimed receiving far-ranging radio air play most notably top top BBC Radio Ulster and also RTÉ Radio 1.