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Told y'allEmpire, Roc-A-Fella Records, you heard me?Unstoppable, niggas! UhhMemph Bleek, (Jigga) Amil-lion, Sigel Sigel ya heardIt's a Dynasty, that carry out you believe?Jigga Man, mo' better, mo' cheddarFo's knock the guy off your Polo sweaterRoll through the R-O-C, A-FellaRemember me? The teachers supplied to fail usNow it's even more scrilla, hoe killersFo'-wheelers, we gorillasOh please feel us, we warm holdersFighting? Listen boy, Roy Jones couldn't steal usThe plot thickens, the block clickin'We obtained the game tied up, soptimal trippin'Jigga Man huh, Sigel Sigel y'allMemph Bleek what, Amil-lion, uhhCat be him, El Cap-i-tanThe fire I spit scorched dvery own HappylandSocial Club, we unapproachable thugsNon-social, gone postalGreat aim, harm the arm cshed to your toastLike a Don's supposed to ShawnI believed I told you, these ain't just vocalsDon't make me take it to the old schoolI put holes with your hoes tooThturbulent your clothing to the foes to the nigga cshed to youFuck it; Jigga Man huh, Sigel Sigel y'allAmil-lion what, Memph Bleek
Yo, y'all dudes don't gain it, come widditFifth loaded through slugs that'll remainder in your fittedIt's M dot E-M, the Roc be themGot the mamis sayin' look, that have the right to soptimal be themYou wanna push your dumb luck, acquire blam blam-ed upI crush your larynx, you talk about us niggaNo obituary, I acquire it criticalYou recognize Memph'll hit the pall bearer liftin' youWhen I cock the plastic, make 'em drop the casketWhen it's warm, I'm blastin'It's the Roc, you bastardsJigga Man what, Amil-lion yeahMemph Bleek huh, Sigel Sigel c'monSpit acid, c'monWitcha bullshit smash hit, gain your bullshit smaburned inNiggas wanna front and also obtain jumpedBet the Ruger give your right side a nice-sized lumpNigga, we are, the supreme squadYou can dream tough but truth isWe push the dream cars, fuck the queen broadsPuff the green raw, we as actual as it getWe the R-O-C dot A dot FellasBitches don't talk to us the hoes, they e-mail usNigga, Jigga Man what, Memph Bleek huhAmil-lion yeah, Sigel Sigel rap

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R (dot) O (dot) C (dot) stopFrom Tower to ma and pop, I move out stopShower your mother block, relocate out through GlocksRaw to the prepare, look, relocate out them blocksTake it to the bucks that be grindin' it upNormally take it to the dubs so they diamond it upCompetition, linin' 'em upForty-five ACP, let me squeeze lime 'em upYou want, drama what, well silence it upBecause a young buck, violent as fuckWasn't me dog, the high will execute itI supplied to wild off embalmin' fluid, I sent niggas to the trauma unitForty-five or the nine'll execute itI fuck roughly and have your moms go via it - I'm a beast!Shit, niggas constantly wanna ye shit, then they wanna cease shitWhen they motherfuckin' peeps hitBut I don't cease nothin', I decease som'unI fuck about and also have you sleepin' underneath som'unJigga Man what, Sigel Sigel y'allMemph Bleek uh, Amil-lion, rightYo, A to the M-I, feministHolding the semi, leave niggas challenged via a dilemmaAm I, gon' run or remain, have the right to IGet away no you can't can't I surrender?And I, lazy bop, Mercedes hotIn my method via the tunnel prefer Lady Di