Are you planning to popular music the big question to her girlfriend? do you dread the possibility of meeting your father-in-law because that the very first time? If so, problem not. Assist is in ~ hand!

In May, marriage guidance service provider following Level published the results of an virtual survey of 108 18-34-year-old guys who room thinking of acquiring married to find out how they feel about their prospective fathers-in-law.

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They also asked 122 fathers with solitary daughters in between the eras of 18 and 35 just how they feel about their prospective sons-in-law.

First the all, the questionnaire inquiry the younger men exactly how they felt as soon as they thought about the possibility of informing their partner’s dad the they would favor to marry their daughter. 23% stated it was a “very scary” prospect and 54% said it was “a little scary.”

When inquiry why they felt so fear of your prospective father-in-law, the most popular answer provided was “I don’t know what he is like.” This is hardly surprising, provided that most of united state rarely have actually the possibility to talk with our partner’s parental while dating.

Other reasons given for emotion scared were, "I don"t recognize what he can ask me,” and also “I don’t make really much money.”

Here is a choice of the respondents’ answers:

“I"m still not confident around how lot I earn.” (a 21-year-old indigenous Chiba)

“I"m really worried around meeting him for the first time since I’ve only ever seen picture of him, and he looks choose a yes, really boring old man.” (a 30-year-old native Gifu)

“I"m worried because I don"t recognize the vibe, or what he’s like. I’ve never ever met him before, and I need to ask him the biggest question okay ask in my life.” (a 29-year-old native Hokkaido)

“I think it’s only normal to feel a little bit wary of a male you nothing know, particularly when he wants to get married the girl you’ve increased from birth.” (a 33-year-old from Miyagi)

“I"m not very great with words, and I issue that I’ll say something rude come him.” (a 22-year-old indigenous Kumamoto)

Even if girlfriend do discover your partner’s dad ‘scary,’ there’s no escaping the fact that sooner or later on you’re going to need to tell him that you’d choose to get married his daughter. Fortunately, there are lots of an option phrases you can use come let him know that you’re serious. The survey asked husbands-to-be just how they would go around asking their prospective father-in-law if the OK come marry his daughter.

“I think you should simply say it straight – please let me marry your daughter.” (a 31-year-old from Aichi)

“I"ll do her happy, so provide me her daughter. Please.” (a 21-year-old from Tokyo)

“I desire to live through your daughter. Please let us get married!” (a 33-year-old from Ishikawa)

“I’m going come tell him all the points I love around his daughter, and also then ns going come say, ‘We love every other and we’re getting married. Is the OK?’” (a 24-year-old indigenous Shimane)

So, what perform fathers-in-law think about these phrases? more specifically, what does he not want to hear indigenous the guy who desires to marry his daughter?

Most respondents gave variations top top what a 44 year-year-old dad from Wakayama said. “The necessary thing is to speak clearly. Even if you nervous, you have to uncover the words to say what you want to say.”

In an initial place to be “nothing in ~ all.”

In 2nd place was, “I’ve got your daughter pregnant” (nobody looks forward to a shotgun wedding).

In 3rd place was, “It looks prefer we’re walking to have actually to obtain married,” or something that argues you’re only getting married since you have nothing better to do.

In fourth place was, “I don’t do a the majority of money, but I’m walking to perform my best by her.” Fathers don’t desire to see their daughters suffer. As a 45-year-old dad from Tokyo said, “I desire to know how he’s going to do her happy if the only has actually a tiny salary.”

In 5th place is anything that smacks of being overblown or melodramatic. The OK to clock sentimental TV tv series but try not to take lessons in love from them.

“I don’t think it’s around ‘giving away’ my daughter,” said a 56-year-old dad from Tokyo. “Men and women room equal… mine daughter is not a thing, so how deserve to I ‘give’ she to someone?”

As you have the right to see, you need to be careful not come upset your father-in-law. You likewise have come be careful not come embarrass the old male with your heartfelt expressions of love. A 55-year-old guy from Tokushima prefecture, said, “I don’t desire to hear his explanation of love. Speak it to mine daughter, however I don’t desire to listen it.”

So, what do fathers desire to hear?

“’I will certainly cherish her for the remainder of my life’ is good,” claimed a 60-year-old native Yamaguchi.

“I prefer the sound of ‘Let me end up being a member of your family’,” claimed a 48-year-old man from Tokyo. “It renders it sound prefer he’s reasoning of me and my wife.”

A couple of other apt expression to be afflicted with in mental are, “I’ll do my best by her,” “I want to make her daughter mine lifelong companion,” and also “I’ll watch after her for the remainder of my life.”

In summary, nothing tell her prospective father-in-law that you’ve obtained his daughter pregnant. Nothing tell him that you make nearly no money. Nothing go down on one knee and also beg him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. And don’t obtain too soppy.

Oh, and don’t worry: the survey also found that an ext than half of fathers-in-law space happy through their daughter"s an option of marital relationship partner.

Next, the survey asked fathers how they would certainly feel if your daughter said, “I want you to accomplish the man I’m going to marry.”

The most famous answer to be “I’d feel happy, but additionally a little sad.” The second most renowned answer was, “that counts on what he is like.”

Although countless fathers stated they would certainly feel positive around their daughter obtaining married, lock were also a little wary.

“I recognize the day will certainly come, and also when it does, i will miss my daughter,” said a 54-year-old dad from Gunma.

“Eventually, she’ll walk off with one more man, and also when she does, I’ll be happy, but additionally a bit jealous,” admitted a 45-year old dad from Tokushima.

“I’ll feel sad since I haven’t really seen lot of the girl i raised,” claimed a 52-year-old father from Nagano.

“I to trust my daughter, however if she mirrors up with a guy who I deserve to tell from a glance is no good, I’ll strong oppose your marriage,” stated a 60-year-old dad from Hokkaido.

The inspection then asked fathers what kind of partnership they’d favor to have with their future son-in-law. Here is a an option of your answers:

“I only have one daughter, and also she no drink, therefore I desire to have the ability to have a drink through my son-in-law.” (a 51-year-old indigenous Fukuoka)

“I dream around having a drink with my son-in-law.” (a 41-year-old indigenous Chiba)

“I choose to pat go, so i would choose us to play go together if possible.” (54-year-old indigenous Shizuoka)

“It would certainly be fun if he have the right to play golf. And also if lock have youngsters together, all the better. To have three generations playing golf together would be fantastic.” (a 46-year-old indigenous Hyogo)

“I favor pro baseball, therefore I’d prefer us to clock baseball together, though it might be a little awkward if he is a pan of a competitor team.” (a 52-year-old native Okayama)

“I would choose us to take it a bath and sauna with each other at Kenko Land and also talk male to man.” (45-year-old from Mie)

Another point to remember when going to your partner’s parents’ place for the first time is that it’s no a good idea to show up empty-handed. Take the time to find out what your father-in-law-to-be likes, it is in it a top-notch party of sake or his favourite brand the chocolate. The survey found that ‘gifts from my son-in-law’s hometown’ are constantly welcome. Girlfriend could additionally ask your partner about her father’s hobbies – this could give you an idea of what come talk around when you meet him because that the an initial time too.

Just be afflicted with in mind that your gift could be misinterpreted. “I don"t desire to get a present, because I’m not going to provide my daughter away in exchange because that a souvenir,” as a cantankerous 54-year-old dad from Aichi put it. If in doubt, top your very own parents.

In conclusion, don’t concern too much. Your father-in-law is just human, and he just wants the finest for his daughter. When you fulfill him, show him the you are sincere in your intentions, but also that you considering his feelings. They may well incorporate sadness, but likewise excitement in ~ the prospect of having a nice connection with you.

You can see much more details that the following Level survey and also its results here.

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