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"Come back to Me" is a tune by American singer Janet Jackson from her 4th studio album Janet Jackson"s Rhythm nation 1814 (1989). It was co-written and co-produced by Jackson in participation with Jimmy Jam and also Terry Lewis. The R&B ballad talks around a lover trying come rekindle a romance that faded far a long time ago. It to be released as the fifth single from the album in June 18, 1990. Jackson additionally recorded a Spanish variation of the track titled "Vuelve a Mí". The song received hopeful reviews from most music critics, that praised Jackson"s sweet delivery and also the song"s instrumentation; it was likewise called a sexy and also silky ballad. It ended up being a commercial success top top the charts, getting to the optimal three in Canada and also the joined States, while likewise reaching the top twenty in the united Kingdom. The music video clip for the tune was command by Dominic Sena and it was set in Paris. The romantic video clip features Jackson"s former husband René Elizondo, Jr.. Jackson has actually performed the monitor in all of her tours, v the exception of The Velvet Rope tour (1998).more »

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Ooh, ooh, oohOoh, oohOoh, ooh, oohOoh, comeLooking with my old drawerCame throughout the letter friend wroteSaid you essential time awayThat was so long agoAll mine life, I"ve waitedTo view your laugh againIn mine mind, I"ve hatedNot able to let goCome earlier to meI"m beggin" friend pleaseCome earlier to meI desire you toCome back to meI"m beggin" girlfriend pleaseCome earlier to meLord knows that I have triedTo live my life together oneFriends phone call me to host onTough times don"t last because that longMy abandoned heartJust doesn"t understandMy undying love because that youWon"t let me waitCome ago to meI"m beggin" you, pleaseCome ago to meI desire you toCome ago to meI"m beggin" you, pleaseCome ago to meI desire you toCome back to me (come earlier to me)Come backI desire you toCome ago to meCome backPlease come ago to meI miss you for this reason muchWherever you areI love youAll mine life, I"ve waitedTo watch your laugh againIn my mind, I"ve hatedNot able to let goNot able to let goOh, no, i won"t let girlfriend goNoI don"t recognize what rather to sayNo, no, no, no

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Janet Jackson Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born may 16, 1966) is one American recording artist and actress. Recognized for a collection of sonically innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative records, as well as elaborate stage shows, television and also film roles, she has actually been a prominent figure in popular culture since the early on 1970s.

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The youngest son of the Jackson family, she started her career appearing on the variety television collection The Jacksons in 1976 and went top top to appear in various other television reflects throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, including an excellent Times and also Fame. An ext »