This Jack and the Beanstalk alphabet game is a super fun, fairy tale inspired activity! You deserve to even usage it to teach kids numbers, shapes and also sight words.

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My son absolutely loves Jack and the Beanstalk. It is more than likely his favorite fairy tale. He loved structure a castle in the clouds as soon as we did this Jack and the Beanstalk sensory activity. This time I made a decision to create a fun alphabet game to go via the story.

Supplies Needed:

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A picture of each son who will certainly be playing the gameI lassist a lengthy item of green painters tape down the middle of my table via the sticky side encountering up. Then I taped the ends dvery own via clear tape and also put a rolled up item under the middle to save it in area. You could likewise just use lengthy strips of building paper taped together and to the table….BUT, you will have to tape dvery own each individual leaf to the stalk.Fold 2 or 3 pieces of construction paper in fifty percent and then in fifty percent aacquire. Draw about 3 leaves on the square encountering up. Then reduced the leaves out while cutting with every one of the folded paper. This will certainly offer you a bunch of leaves for your stalk!Stick the leaves to the painter’s tape to make it look favor a beanstalk. Or tape them to the paper.Pick 6 letters you want to reinforce and alternative composing them on the leaves from bottom to top.Take your foam cube and write each letter on one side of the cube via long-term marker.Publish out a picture of each kid that will certainly be playing the game on cardstock or photo paper. Quality isn’t that necessary right here. Cut their body out from the photo. I took a quick pic of my child pretfinishing to balance on a leaf via my phone, emailed it to myself and also then published it. It was incredibly quick.

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Jack and the Beanstalk Alphabet Game


All players must location their image at under the beanstalk. To play the game, each player will certainly take transforms rolling the game die and also relocating their picture to the next circumstances of that letter on the beanstalk. This proceeds till each player reaches the peak of the beanstalk!


My son thought this was so fun! He obtained a real kick out of the reality that I printed his image and he used it as a game item. He loved exactly how it looked prefer he was balancing on each leaf he arrived at.


I think it would certainly be neat to take a pic that looks favor each player is climbing the beanstalk. Next off time!

This was such a fun way to integrate letter finding out and a classical fairy tale that kids adore!


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