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Is that Your Hand on mine Girlfriend describes a collection of lip syncing tik videos in which users act the end the lyrics to Nickelback"s track "Next Contestant."


On October 4th, 2005, Canadian Nickelback exit their fifth studio album "All the appropriate Reasons."<1> The song "Next Contestant" about defending a girlfriend is featured ~ above the album (shown below).

On February 28th, 2019, tik user
deanhassell uploaded a lip sync the a clip of the tune "Next Contestant" (shown below). The video clip gained 30,600 likes and also 2,190 share in two months.

sirglen uploaded their very own rendition which gathered over 12,500 likes and 800 share in two months (shown below, left). On in march 27th,
noemisalghini upload an additional solo lip sync which gained over 21,300 likes and also 325 shares in a month (shown below, right).

tropiiczz uploaded a version of the lip sync v his girl friend (shown below, left). The video clip gained 97,700 likes and also 28,300 shares. It also became a popular video to duet . On April 10th,
M1ndset post a duet in which castle mocked the "boyfriend" in the video clip by waddling right into their framework after the walks the end of his own structure (shown below, center). The parody acquired 173,700 likes and also 5,700 share in two weeks. The following day,
TristenmacLean uploaded a duet parody in which they do it seem as if the "girlfriend" is stealing some of his Cheetos (shown below, right). The parody collected over 131,900 likes and 1,300 shares in two weeks.



seangotcher describes how so-called iBuyers room jacking up the price the housing and pricing the end actual people.

We sat down v Jay Maynard, a self-proclaimed computer system geek, better known as "Tron Guy," to talk about the origin of his meme, his many appearances on national television, and how becoming a image has adjusted his life since 2004.

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