Is Statistics easier than Calculus? A mathematics course is consideredeasier than another math course if, listed that two courses arebeing teach by the exact same instructor and also at the exact same level ofexpectation to add prerequisites, end-of-quarter median GPA the thecourse is greater than that of the various other course. In a sample of 116students indigenous Mr. Duong"s Statistics classes, the averageend-of-quarter GPA is 3.9 v standard deviation 0.18. In a sample115 students from his Calculus classes, the end-of-quarter GPA is3.34 through standard deviation 0.4.Let μ1,μ2 represent the average GPA of student in Statistics andstudents in Calculus respectively. At meaning level 0.019, isthere solid evidence indicating the Calculus is more difficult thanStatistics?

A) uncover ¯d and also the linked standard error, SEc.¯d= . Round your answer to 2 decimal places.SEc= . Round your answer to 4 decimal places.

State the Null and alternate Hypotheses?

Is this a (left-tail, right-tail, one-tail, two-tail) test?

Find the t⋆ value of the sample:t⋆= . Round your asnwer come 3 decimal places.

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Find the degrees of freedom of the samples:D.F.= .

F) uncover the p-value of ¯d, the difference in sample means:p-value= .

How does p-value the the samples compare to 0.019? and also are thesamples showing strong evidence to refuse H0?

H) based on the provided samples, build a 85.9 % confidenceinterval to calculation the difference in typical GPA that Statisticsstudents and also Calculus college student (d=μ1−μ2).tc= . Round tc to 3 decimal places.C.I.: ¯d± . Round margin the error, E, to 2 decimal places.

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Transcribed image text: s Statistics much easier than Calculus? A mah cose is thought about easier than one more math course if, detailed that two courses space being tanght by the eame inetructor and at the same level the expectation to add prerequisitee, end of quarter median G of the coure is greater than the of the various other course. In a sample the 116 stodents from Mr. Duoag's Statisties clases, the average end-of-quarter GPA in 39 v standard devianoa 0.15. In a sample 15 stadenta native hia Calculus classes, the cnd-of-quarter GPA is 3.34 mith conventional deviatoa 0.4 Let p a represeat the typical GE the stodents in Statistics studeats in Caloule reepectively. In ~ significamoe level 0.019, is there stromg evidence indicating the Caloube is bardeer 보다 statistics A) Fmdd snd the eombned standnt o, SR d - SE .Round rour answer for this reason 2 decimal areas .Round ours answer come 4 decimal locations ) State the Null and also Alteraate ypothesee OII (d 0 II -(d-0 H (d 0) (d- 0) H id0 H (d > 0 C) Ts this e-ail, righd-lail, uneIil, tw-l) l Otun-de Oon-lail Oght-t Je tail D) discover the tvalue the the sample Rnd her asnwer la 3 dml plces E) find the degrees offreedom of the samples: D.F. F) Fd the pvalue ofd, de difbrmer in smge guy palu G)How go p worth of the samples compare to 0.019T and also are the samples showing stroag evidence to refuse H Op-value.019, Ye. Pp value0.010, No. Op-valur 019, N Opvalue0.019, Yes. H) Basd top top the piven samples, coastruct a S5.9 %% contidence interval to calculation the distinction in me GEA of Statiatics studenta and Calkulus studsuts (d ) ring t, to 3 deimal placcs C. I. D ring maraia of error. E to 2 decimal placea.
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