Have you ever gone to the freezer, got to deep into it and also pulled out some meat? You’re no sure as soon as you placed it in the freezer, but you do recognize it’s been months. Is the still good? just how do girlfriend tell? will certainly you gain sick if girlfriend eat it?

I understand I’ve remained in this situation, and also then I need to search the web to number out the status of mine meat. That turns into quite the goose follow that ends in still not being sure if the meat’s good, and also I to be still in ~ a lose of whether or no I should even eat it. The good news is, I’ve put together a an extensive guide on exactly how long meat can be frozen, exactly how to effectively freeze meat, just how to thaw and some call tale indications your meat may have gone bad. By the end of this article, friend will have the ability to confidently determine the safety and security of your frozen meat and have some tools to save your meat in tip-top condition.

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How long can meat it is in frozen? deserve to you eat 2 year old frozen meat?

Here is the thing: if meat remains at zero degrees or below, it will certainly stay great for an unknown amount that time. This is assuming did you do it not had a strength outage or an incorrect temperature analysis in your freezer. Now, spend meat that’s been in the freezer for an unknown amount of time walk not median it will taste an excellent nor be cost-free of freezer burn, but it does average it’s safe. Top top the various other hand, this is not argued for the best flavor. Below are the argued timelines for common species of uncooked protein to it is in stored in the freezer.

Chicken – 9 come 12 monthsGround Meat – 3 come 4 monthsRed Meat – 4 to 12 month (this is a really large range, therefore I’d indicate shooting for 8-10 months)Bacon and Sausage – 1 come 2 months

The good news is, if your freezer continues to be at the correct temperature, you’re good to go, but if you desire prime flavor and also quality meat make certain to create the date you placed it in the freezer and follow the suggested timelines above.

(If ns did not list the kind of meat you room freezing, look on the USDA’s website for the recommended amount the time. Six months is additionally a good guideline to use.)


Deep Freezer vs. Wake up Freezer

Is there any kind of difference in the amount of time meat deserve to stay frozen between a deep freezer or a stand-up freezer, and also will the quality be affected? The an easy answer is no. The type of freezer is less vital than the high quality of the freezer. As long as her freezer maintains the correct temperature, girlfriend will have the very same result. If you’re uncertain about the temperature in her freezer, this thermometer is a good option come use.

While friend will gain the same results from a deep freezer or a stand-up freezer, there room a couple factors that can make a deep freezer a bit much more reliable and also desirable than a stand-up freezer. Because a deep freezer is larger, there is much more space for storage and also less waiting flow contrasted to that is counterpart meaning less chance of freezer burn. The deep freezer also has a far better chance of keeping your food cold if you ever before have an electrical outage. The also great because of how much an are it has. If you have actually a huge family, having frozen food on hand is a identify plus.

The fence to a deep freezer is just its size. Not everyone has space for a deep freezer no one the must store that much food. In the case, the wake up freezer is the perfect choice. Just make sure to keep your meat towards the back of her freezer to reduce the wait flow and the opportunity of temperature change from opening and closing the freezer door.

How to appropriately Store and also Freeze Meat

The biggest fear of storing meat in the freezer is the threat of freezer burn. Freezer burn happens when the meat has been exposed come oxygen in the freezer, and also it dries it out leaving tell-tale white spots on your food. Luckily, over there is a method to stop this, however it does need a tiny extra effort when you are preparing your meat for storage.

If you’d rather skip steps 2 and 3, simply location your wrapped meat in a vacuum sealable bag, seal it and write the day on it. Doing this two actions will also help avoid freezer burn.

This may seem favor a the majority of wrapping and also packaging, but it is a an excellent way come ensure fresh meat and also avoid freezer burn. It really just takes a few minutes come ensure good meat once you require it! Also, I suggest avoid using any kind of container to frozen meat. It might seal well outside the freezer but the cold temperature can reason leaks in the seal, and in my own experience sealable bags tend to execute a better job maintaining food.

How to Thaw Meat

When you’re thawing meat, the best and also safest way is to setup ahead. Over there are fast ways, but the slowest is the finest option. Again, ns referenced the USDA because that the best methods to thaw meat, and they room in the fridge, in cold water or in the microwave.

In the fridge – This is the ideal option, and also it’s likewise the safest. I indicate transferring your meat from her freezer to the refrigerator the night before you require to cook the meat. Now, if you planning on food preparation a larger piece that meat, you will certainly need an ext time. You deserve to estimate around a day for every 5 pounds the meat. That means you need a few days for the Thanksgiving turkey.Microwave – The quickest technique and many controversial is to thaw your meat in the microwave. Every microwave generally has a setup for thawing meat, so monitor the instructions for your certain model. There is a bit of debate out there when it involves microwaves, for this reason this may not be the choice for you. The reason many civilization do not imply using the microwave is the same factor you shouldn’t use warmth water. The can cause the outside of the meat to cook quicker, entering that danger zone and also staying there, while the remainder of the meat still needs to thaw.

The best option is to always plan ahead and also use the fridge method when possible.

How Long deserve to Meat continue to be in Fridge

Another common question is exactly how long will meat stay great in the fridge. I decided to handle this in two methods by addressing cooked and also uncooked. This is the suggested timeline, yet if her meat ever looks questionable toss it. Much better safe than sorry because that you and also your family.


Chicken – 3-4 daysHam – 1 weekSteaks or Chops – 3-5 daysFish – 3-4 days


With uncooked it’s constantly best to reference the sell-by or use-by date as well.

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Chicken – 1-2 daysBacon – 1 weekGround Beef – 1-2 daysSteaks or Chops – 5 daysFish – 1-2 days



Now that we’e tackled storing and thawing meat, let’s go back to the initial question: is it safe to eat 2 year old frozen meat? Technically, yes, that is. As long as your freezer stays at the proper temperature, you deserve to eat the meat. Would certainly I recommend it? probably not, yet then again the freezer is a miracle tool. It stop time in the people of food and permits you to have actually that same fresh flavor month after purchasing the meat. As lengthy as you space storing her meat properly and following suggested guidelines because that time in the freezer, you will be totally satisfied through your meat.