Yes, it could seem prefer a dumb question. Yet this iconic heat from median Girls demonstrates JUST just how confusing the field of nutrition have the right to be for many people.

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And that renders sense - due to the fact that nutrition is even more confusing come the experts! in spite of hundreds of year of nutrition research, we still hear conflicting opinions on also the most an easy principles.

Think of that this way: If nutrition scientific research were like aerospace engineering - NASA would still be arguing around WHICH means to point the rocket!

But every hope is not lost – because we at legend Foods are right here to help!

Read top top to learn the most important choices you have the right to make when it comes to YOUR nutrition.


Don"t be like Regina George. Keep analysis to learn more... 

Rule 1: save Calories Low

Numerous studies have actually been done to advice the effects of caloric limit on health and also lifespan across a wide selection of species. These studies all say essentially the very same thing:

If you want to live longer, store your calorie low.

In fact, one together study discovered that when humans cut their calorie by 15% for 2 years, the slowed aging and protected versus age-related disease.

Another study created an AMAZING result in rhesus monkeys - a primate through an aging patter very comparable to humans. One monkey in the examine was put on a 30% reduced calorie diet as soon as he was 16 year old, the tantamount of so late middle period for a human. Once the research was published, he was 43 year old - tantamount to a 130 year-old human. This subject actually set the longevity record for the rhesus monkey species! 

As you can see, the subject of caloric border is FASCINATING. We"ll talk about this topic an ext in future blogs. For now, stick with this mantra I borrowed from Mr. Spock:

I desire to live long and also prosper. I should keep my calories low.


Mr. Spock urges you to save calories low.

dominion 2: prevent Digestible carbs

What carry out I average by ‘digestible’ carbs? ns talking any kind of carbohydrates that your human body can straight use as fuel. This includes all carbohydrates that aren’t considered fibers, and also some that room too. For this reason yes...cookies, cake, ice cream cream and pizza are all out.

As a general rule, look for the “net carbs” top top a nutrition label and aim low. If you’re at all perplexed by the phrase, “net carbs”, nothing worry. We’ll cover this subject in an ext detail in a future blog.

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Rule 3: make Optimal Nutrition a Lifestyle

I gain it. The people is complete of delicious, carb-rich foods just waiting to it is in eaten.

But maybe, that not…  

We don’t should treat every day choose a tug-of-war between an excellent and negative nutrition. The goal is no to do ridiculously hard choices for the remainder of our lives.  

Instead...make some hard options today. I bet you’ll find that morning these selections are a little bit easier. And pretty soon, your choices end up being a way of life that feels as natural as any kind of old, unhealthy cravings.

Trust me. I supplied to have an unhealthy connection (obsession) through a particular candy (Skittles). And today, i sincerely have no desire to eat this candy ever again.

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Instead, ns crave healthy and delicious foods - choose Legendary Foods" amazing flavored seed butters. With flavors like Pecan Pie and also Chocolate Banana, it’s never been much easier to do optimal nutrition a lifestyle!


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And five yeah...I nearly forgot. The answer to the question that began this totality thing...