Iron steed Literary testimonial publishes brief fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. general Guidelines:

• all manuscripts must be it is registered online, via We do not expropriate submissions via regular mail or email.

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• our submission gates open and also close on a roll basis between mid-August and mid-April each year. Please observe our submission periods; we disapprove manuscripts that do not fit the design template or genre the that entry period, without comment. See the table on our website for dates and also topics. If the door is no open, do not effort to send by purchasing a earlier issue or any type of other item. Wait till the door is open.

• We carry out not publish formerly published materials.

• continuous submissions: Prose writers should send one manuscript (5,500 words or less); poets have to send 3-5 poems. Manuscripts that execute not fulfill these parameters will certainly be rejected, without comment.

• longer manuscripts must be gone into in our yearly Trifecta competition (Prose: one essay or story, 25-40 pages; poetry: a single poem, 10-20 pages long). We reject, without comment, any type of long manuscripts the come in throughout other entry periods.

• us review only three manuscripts by any one writer during any kind of one academic year; subsequent manuscripts by the same author will be immediately rejected. We"ll it is in happy because that you and also will much appreciate the head"s up.

• top top publication, we carry out an honorarium that $50 per poem or speed piece and also $100 per story or essay. Trifecta winners (one every in poetry, nonfiction, and also fiction) obtain $250. The Single-Author Chapbook winner receives $1,000. Prizes for filmfest winners encompass $300 (Editor"s Prize) and also $200 (Audience Award).

• Please incorporate a sheathe LETTER through your name, email address, and the title(s) of work submitted, however paste her COVER LETTER right into the ideal field in Carry out NOT incorporate your cover letter within the manuscript itself--not together the an initial or any type of page inside the submission. We will immediately REJECT manuscripts consisting of cover letters. us recommend that you familiarize yourself v IHLR prior to you submit your work. Find an ext about the existing issue as well as subscription details on our website. Follow us on facebook or Twitter or Instagram. For additional information on any topic, send united state an email.

Iron steed Literary Review fees a $3 submission fee because that each constant manuscript it is registered to ours office (our assorted competitions have entry fees). Like every literary newspaper in the country, we"re compelled to show that we are both a fruitful project, with numerous benefits, and self-sufficient fairly than a drainpipe on restricted funds. Together, through your help, we can keep the literature arts alive, and we expect you will be happy to spend $3 for her submission fairly than offering that money to an office supply store and also the article office. We additionally offer complimentary submission days during every entry period. Follow united state on social media to watch those announcements and receive the concealed links.

Thank you for your continued support of iron Horse! without writers, we wouldn"t also exist--

Time to send to the IHLR NaPoMo Issue!It"s to be 12 years because we began publishing an yearly issue committed to nationwide Poetry Month! This is one of our most popular issues, and we always combine brand-new voices through some established champions. Each fall, when we start hunting the poems we will certainly include, we"re excited to check out what poets have actually been functioning on end the summer.Our yearly NaPoMo concern is currently released electronically, via ISSUU, which way anyone have the right to download and read it for free and so our contributors" works will reach a broader audience. Secondly, we"re going to be much more selective. Instead of 25 poems, we will only be choosing the an extremely best 11 poems: one winner and also ten finalists--much favor our annual PhotoFinish issue. The concern will be presented in complete color, and each manuscript will have actually its very own artwork. The entrance fee is now $15, which includes a year"s subscription for publish issues. Plus, while the ten finalists obtain our typical honorarium because that poems ($50 per poem), the winner will obtain $1,000. Send increase to five poems in ONE file. Perform NOT incorporate your cover letter products in the paper with your poems. Just paste it into the cover Letter crate on the submission form.Do NOT encompass your surname and attend to on the manuscript.Submissions that execute not follow this guidelines will be disqualified.Once we obtain 400 submissions (if we obtain that many), we will close the gate. Otherwise, we merely cannot check out the submissions in a timely fashion or complete our selection procedure for various other issues. Geffrey Davis, our poetry Editor, will certainly judge.

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NOTE: Writers who live external the United claims are encouraged to submit your work, yet their entrance fee will an outcome in an digital subscription--all that our normal electronic worries (three a year) plus electronic versions of ours print issues (three a year). Steel Horse deserve to simply no longer afford to ship subscriptions outside the unified States.