Get rid the that undesirable hair through Laser Hair Removal! at Prestige med spa, we sell Laser Hair remove for guys & females of every skin shade & complexion. For an ext information, call us or schedule one appointment online. We serve patients from Charlotte NC, Pineville NC, Wildwoods NC, Harrisburg NC, Eastway NC, and also Myers Park NC.

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Tired the tweezing, shaving, and waxing? v laser hair removal, it just takes a couple of treatments to permanently minimization hair growth, revealing clear, soft skin that’s prepared to bare every day—and all year long. Ideal of all, treatment sessions take simply minutes and also are virtually pain-free.

In motion an innovation with the Soprano Lite is a method used in clinics approximately the people with an international brand recognition. The is the only clinically proven an approach of laser hair removal the is basically painless. Complimentary yourself from cumbersome hair removed techniques and razor bumps and also ingrown hairs!

Free yourself from cumbersome hair remove techniques as well as razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

You have Questions – We have actually Answers

How Does that Work

Ground break In – activity Technology!

This 810 Gold typical Soprano Lite incorporates a SHR or in movement technology, ensuring safe and also comfortable hair removal. Quite than exposing hair follicles to a single high power pulse i m sorry can cause trauma to the skin, SHR functions by progressively heating the dermis come a temperature that properly damages the hair follicles while staying clear of injury come the surrounding tissue. This scan In-motion method of moving the applicator repetitively over the therapy area ensures full coverage when ICETM tech cools the skin surface- preventing superficial burns and enabling for essentially painless however highly reliable hair removal.

Ideal Candidate because that Laser Hair Reduction

With the advent of this brand-new technology, those who were as soon as considered negative candidates because that laser hair such as African American, Darker Skin and also tanned skin have the right to now receive progressed laser hair removal therapies AND achieve outstanding results! The only non candidates would certainly be those v grey and/or light blonde hair.

Is Laser Hair reduction Safe

There are not any type of known long- term health risks linked with the procedure. A couple of side impacts can show up after laser hair reduction which room minor and also temporary. The skin might mildly tingle or feeling tender and may even swell slightly which will most likely subside in ~ an hour.

How to Prepare for Treatments

During your sessions you will certainly shave the area to be cure as quick as you can prior to her treatment. You must be turn off of many all antibiotics 7 days prior to your treatment and also any photosensitive medications consisting of over the counter for 3 days before your treatment. Friend will need to discontinue plucking, waxing, and electrolysis 1 month prior, together we require the root of the hair follicle intact in stimulate to death it.

How plenty of Sessions will I Need

Optimal outcomes are usually completed through a series of 6-8 therapies on mean spaced 4 to 8 main apart depending upon the area. However, this number deserve to vary based on particular patient components such together skin type, hair texture, and also hormones.

Downtime & Aftercare Recovery

After every session, the dead hair will thrive out and fall out. This typically takes about 3 weeks on average. As soon as the brand-new hair follicle grows in, friend will watch a readjust in the texture as the new hair follicle becomes thinner after every treatment. Over there is no downtime except a tiny heat retention or redness the will most likely subside within an hour. Friend may continue to cut if you desire throughout your sessions.

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Free Consultation With proficient Staff

How To gain Started

All client are offered a cost-free consultation and evaluation with a medical professional or one of our proficient laser technicians during this session, us will provide our advice and also answer any kind of questions you may have. Come schedule your totally free consultation, click listed below to sign up digital or contact us at (980) 270-1227.