Ahh TikTok. The society media platform where the washed-up famous stars of years past have the right to grace us through copious quantities of nostalgia.

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We’ve checked out Pooja, we’ve seen the Overly enclosed Girlfriend, and we’ve even seen Stephanie from LazyTown. Now, Naia Ōkami has recreated that viral Vine which introduced otherkin come the world.

If her name doesn’t ring a bell, then perhaps this quote will: “On all levels other than physical, i am a wolf…*ruff*

In her latest TikTok, things are a little more suspenseful.

“I nearly didn’t come out here due to the fact that my hair is a mess,” she said.

“But this is without doubt the spiritual spot wherein the meme to be created.”

naiaokamirecreation of a classic ##meme ##iamawolf ##onalllevelsexceptphysical ##wolfgirl♬ original sound – naiaokami

She climate recited the infamous line, bark included, and it’s already racked increase over two million see in two days.

The original clip comes form a documentary Ōkami featured in dubbed What?!: ns think I’m an Animal, which discover the lives of otherkin. It was then post on Vine (RIP), wherein it go viral.

Shortly after, Ōkami supposedly slammed the documentary’s producer after this for making a mock of otherkin.

For anyone that wrote off being otherkin together a just “freakin’ phase”, it’s time come “deal v it, parents.”

According to the Otherkin Wiki (it’s a thing), Ōkami quiet identifies as a brother Columbia wolf and also red fox therianthrope.

But that doesn’t mean she hadn’t grown.

One of the comments said: “It provides me so happy the you don’t hate the meme, and you can look in ~ your previous self and all the sappy BS.”

To this, Ōkami replied: “I laugh in ~ my past self tbh.”


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