"Oh, ns Sorry, I assumed This was America" is a memorable quote uttered by the personality Randy Marsh from the man television series South Park. In the context of virtual discussions, the initial quote and its snowclone variations can be provided as a ceiling excuse because that one"s own activity or explain in response to a backlash or criticism.

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On April 6th, 2005, an episode of South Park titled "The losing Edge" aired on Comedy Central. The episode functions the southern Park kids at a baseball game. Throughout the game, Randy Marsh, dad of Stan Marsh, is cheering because that the team and also trash talk the the opposite team. After an additional parent endangers to beat Randy up, Randy gets rid of his shirt and a struggle begins. Every time the south Park team wins, Randy gets arrested through the cops and complains, "Oh, I assumed this was America."

Batdad: now for the finishing move! You"re around to be "Batdad-ed"!Randy: Hey, Batdad, ns didn"t hear no bell.Batdad: Batdad to know no fear! Batdad to know no pain!Randy: because that what? Arresting me for what? I"m not allowed to stand up for myself? I thought this was America! Huh? Isn"t this America? I"m sorry, I assumed this was America.Randy: Denver suck ass.


On April 16th, 2005, a website titled "Oh I"m sorry I thought This was America" was created on YTMND, <2> featuring a tiled background image of Marsh gift arrested and also a looped audio clip of that repeating the phrase. On march 17th, 2007, user rawsonofchoice posed a question on ~ above Yahoo Answers<3> around others" favorite South Park episodes and titled the subject "I"m sorry, i thought this was america!!!?" top top September 17th, 2010, the Tumblr blog imsorryithoughtthiswasamerica<4> to be created. The satirical blog features write-ups that begin with the phrase and go on to describe American "outrages," such as every American not having actually an iPhone and the price of high-end mattresses.

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On July 21st, 2011, one entry for "Oh im Sorry I assumed This was America" was added to metropolitan Dictionary<1> by user WavedBrute who identified the expression as:

"Something yelled by white trash while gift arrested when wearing nothing however underpants."

On October 19th, 2011, Someecards<5> added a card that featured thomas Jefferson appearing to attend to a group of other founding fathers through the phrase "Oh, I"m sorry. I assumed this was America.