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I"m Not certain What"s walk On, but My Asshole Is In Danger! is a Hentai Quote the is frequently used as a reaction photo to homoerotic content between two males. A voice reading of the quote remixed through a Spongebob Squarepants clip became an extremely popular article on iFunny in early 2017.


The heat initially showed up in the hentai manga "Virginity Graduation Trip" through Taihei Tengoku, which to be posted come<1> on July 1st, 2013. In the panel, a character is approached by a happy prostitute and also thinks "I"m not certain what"s walking on, but my asshole is in danger!" (Shown below).



In the coming years, a screenshot that the line ended up being a somewhat renowned hentai quote and reaction picture to something the poster finds specifically homosexual. Because that example, a Funnyjunk<2> user posted it in a thread title "no homo" top top February 23rd, 2015, and also it has appeared in dozens that comment object on sites choose /pol/ and also <3>


In 2015, Facebook page Anime girl Rustle Jimmies post a video clip titled "Loli it s okay lewd ep. 1 starring Miki-chan." amongst several bizarrely sex-related things exclaimed in the video, the narrator exclaims "I don"t recognize what"s going on, yet my asshole is in danger!" though the page has because disappeared, the YouTube upload<4> the the video was posted on march 20th, 2015. This lugged the quote an ext popularity; top top April 11th, 2016, a Redditor in /r/copypasta<5> referenced the quote in a post.

Spongebob Remix

On January 27th, 2017, Instagram user tm46_<6> uploaded a clip from Spongebob Squarepants in i beg your pardon the personality Squidward kicks a crate that has Spongebob and also Patrick inside. In tm46_"s edit, after Squidward kicks the box, the audio from "Loli gets lewd ep. 1 starring Miki-chan" the the character speak "I"m not sure what"s going on, however my asshole is in danger!" dram (YouTube embed displayed below). Top top Instagram, tm46_"s article gained over 1,100 views.

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Three work later, the video was reposted by Instagram user thehoodshit<7> and also that video clip was featured by iFunny<8> the next day. There, it got over 161,500 likes.