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"Not prepared to make Nice" is a track co-written and also performed by American country music tape Dixie Chicks. It was released in June 2006 together the first single indigenous the band"s seventh studio album, taking the long Way. It stays the band"s best hit in the us to date—it is their just song to be certified Platinum and reach the top 5 on the warm 100. The song was written by Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, Emily Robison, and also Dan Wilson. ~ above February 11, 2007, the won 3 Grammy Awards in the category of record of the Year, tune of the Year, and Best country Performance by a Duo or team with Vocal. In 2009, Rolling rock named "Not ready to make Nice" the 77th ideal song the the decade.more »

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Forgive, sounds goodForget, I"m not certain I couldThey say time heals everythingBut I"m still waitingI"m through with doubtThere"s nothing left because that me to figure outI"ve payment a price, and also I"ll keep payingI"m not ready to do niceI"m not prepared to earlier downI"m quiet mad as hell, and I don"t have actually timeTo go "round and "round and "roundIt"s too late to do it rightI probably wouldn"t if i could"Cause I"m mad together hellCan"t lug myself to perform what the isYou think i shouldI recognize you saidWhy can"t friend just get over it?It turned my whole human being aroundAnd ns kinda favor itI made my bed, and I sleep like a babyWith no regrets, and I don"t mind sayingIt"s a sad, sad storyWhen a mommy will teach she daughterThat she must hate a perfect strangerAnd how in the worldCan the indigenous that i saidSend someone so over the edgeThat they"d compose me a letterSaying the I much better Shut up and also sing Or my life will be over?I"m not prepared to make niceI"m not all set to back downI"m quiet mad as hell, and I don"t have actually timeTo walk "round and also "round and also "roundIt"s as well late to do it rightI more than likely wouldn"t if i could"Cause I"m mad together hellCan"t lug myself to do what that isYou think ns shouldI"m not prepared to do niceI"m not ready to ago downI"m quiet mad together hell, and also I don"t have timeTo go "round and "round and "roundIt"s too late to make it rightI most likely wouldn"t if i could"Cause I"m mad together hellCan"t lug myself to execute what the isYou think ns should, what that is friend think ns shouldForgive, sound goodForget, I"m not sure I couldThey to speak time heals everythingBut I"m tho waiting

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Dixie chicken The Dixie Chicks are an American nation music tape which has additionally crossed over right into other genres. The band is written of establishing members (and sisters) Martie Erwin Maguire and Emily Erwin Robison, and lead singer Natalie Maines. The band developed in 1989 in Dallas, Texas and also was initially composed of four women performing bluegrass and also country music, busking and also touring the bluegrass festival circuits and small venues for 6 years without attracting a major label.

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~ the departure of one bandmate, the instead of of your lead singer, and a slight adjust in your repertoire, the Dixie chicks soon accomplished commercial success, beginning in 1998 through hit songs "There"s your Trouble" and "Wide open up Spaces". Much more »