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"If girlfriend Think You"re Lonely Now" is a track recorded and also released as a single by American soul singer-songwriter Bobby Womack in 1982. It to be released indigenous his album The Poet. The single reached number 3 for four weeks top top the warm Soul Singles chart. This is far-ranging because Womack exit the song throughout a time once R&B was on a down slope and also the charts were largely conquered by dance music.

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I wanna dedicate this tune to every the lovers tonightAnd I suppose that could be the whole worldBecause everybody needs something or someone to loveWhen it"s cold exterior who are you holding?You know, if y"all don"t psychic I"d favor to talk around this mrs of mineShe"s always complainin" "bout me never ever bein" in ~ homeBut once I"m under brokeShe"s tellin" me about the things that she girlfriend"s gotWhat she ain"t got and she desires me to walk out and get "em for herBut girl, ns can"t be in two places at one timeIf you think you"re lonely now, huhWait till tonight, girl(If you think you"re lonely now)I"ll be lengthy gone(Wait until tonight, girl)And you"ll find another man that"ll treat girlfriend right(If girlfriend think you"re lonely now)When i ain"t there to rub your back(Wait until tonight, girl)Just remember ns made the a lengthy factAnd it"s gotta just come out of the closetAnd follow you all around your roomAnd the memory sail "round like a ghostAnd that"s a issue of fact, no joke, ah(If you think you"re lonely now)Oh, wait until tonight (wait till tonight, girl)I"ll be lengthy gone (If girlfriend think you"re lonely now)(You simply wait until tonight, girl) and you"ll never find another man that"ll treat you right(If you think you"re lonely now) friend think you"re lonely now(Wait till tonight, girl) wait, wait, wait till tonight, girlOh, ain"t that funny how the tables turnWhen things aren"t goin" your way?But when love runs out and also the ache walks inand settles for a stay, ooh(If friend think you"re lonely now) Lord, aid me, i feel prefer I wanna testify (wait until tonight, girl)(If you think you"re lonely now)Girl, wait till tonight (wait until tonight, girl)If friend think you"re lonely, lonely now(Wait till tonight, girl) oh, you simply wait until tonight, girl(If friend think you"re lonely now)(Wait until tonight, girl)You check out tonight"s the night when the requirements come outWhen your requirements come the end to breatheAnd you toast the stars and there ain"t now way you deserve to sleep, ooh(If girlfriend think you"re lonely now) if you think you"re lonely now(Wait till tonight, girl) ns feel prefer I wanna testify this evenin"(If friend think you"re lonely now) I"m lonely, "cause I understand I gotta leaving you, oh, girlI just can"t take no more (wait till tonight, girl)(If friend think you"re lonely now) ooh, hoo, hooAh, girl, you simply wait (you simply wait till tonight, girl)(If you think you"re lonely now)If friend think girlfriend got troubles now, baby, you simply wait(Wait till tonight, girl) wait(If friend think you"re lonely now)Too far gone(Wait until tonight, girl) prefer you"re runnin" out(If friend think you"re lonely now) ooh, hoo, ooh, hoo, babe(Wait till tonight, girl) You speak you"re a small lonely(If you think you"re lonely now)But everybody requirements somebody to love(Wait till tonight, girl)(If you think you"re lonely now)It"s great that you understand that you obtained somebody that"ll stand by your sideThat"ll build you up when you"re fallin" under (wait till tonight, girl)And you had actually that someone, baby(If you think you"re lonely now)"Cause I"ve done my time(Wait until tonight, girl) and it"s your revolve now(If friend think you"re lonely now) if friend think you"re lonely now(Wait until tonight, girl) wait, wait until tonight(If you think you"re lonely now)I"m tired, exhausted of this same old stuck in the hourIt"s been too long(If you think you"re lonely now)You think, you could start anywhere again, it"s been too long(Wait till tonight, girl)You think you could start it just one much more time(If friend think you"re lonely now)

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Bobby Womack Robert Dwayne "Bobby" Womack ( /ˈwoʊmæk/; born in march 4, 1944) is one American singer-songwriter and also musician.

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An active recording artist because the early 1960s wherein he began his career as the lead singer that his household musical team The Valentinos and as Sam Cooke"s backing guitarist, Womack"s career has actually spanned more than 50 years and also has spanned a repertoire in the styles of R&B, soul, rock and also roll, doo-wop, gospel, and also country. Much more »