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If you blood thro it increase Bz up cz down, cz up side down, bz increase uptown,Bz up downtown, cz down in btown, bz increase in btown, only time i say b under wen they b tryin b down, i rep 1 4 red an i rock btown, rb back streets, was standing up and breathe now, therefore if you blood nigga begin throwin castle cz down, posesthe that, the totality hood start throwin them cz down, start throin lock b"z up, thro rb up, earlier streets till girlfriend die, start rollin documents weed up, if you require sum trees that"s what got re-up, we got no love for ya ass if friend throwin lock cz up, see roughly here lock cz don"t rock, posesthe goin to tha bookin"z, roughly here the dz git knocked, cz we, save them blocks and we pop ago cottles, so involved the block an clock a crab git dropped.If girlfriend blood thro it increase Niggaz b talkin stunner till you hook turn off manI stay wid tha shotgun on me, prefer a soccer playa that is therefore gangsta, wen lock wid castle crew, i swear a folk by self wen he took off man..What? What he gon do? What? What he gon do? Nuttin the frontin until we role up wid lock chevy"s dumpin, im"a pimp nigga, i take the wife from the husband, if girlfriend aint knockin girlfriend buggin, n suttins gon be wutchu bumpin...uh...Convorsation is every one of the suttin, and I think these faggots is the one"s come blame, ns putta a slug n ya brain, juss to pop ya chain, 5z up, 6 down, bz increase in ctown, nigga any type of folks in this club, lock betta leave now, b/c thes homies exterior n they holdin castle clips round, wen lock seein lock blue flags, itz gittin clipped down, b/c that"s exactly how we execute It... In blood townIf you blood thro it up Yo, AyoI got bloods in manhattan favor taxi cabs, ns don"t eat sea food, so fuck them crabs, I obtained homies on the set that bust

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crabs, I obtained homies in muh collection that bust in ~ crabs, so, thro ya flags increase n rep yo set, i sed, thro ya flags increase n rep yo set, uh, 5 wz poppin 6 wz droppin dnt prevent squeezin till the dz start knockin, ns be da B come da l to da dual O D Y, T-A-Z, currently yall have the right to all check out why, ns repsected in the hood, cz I stay fly, gangsta come da bone, currently let them slug fly, blood till i die, an ns rep the eastside, wishes poppin to muh huge homie well-known as eas-side, if that me put in the heat, friend cn take it mine, i gotcha ago homie, like in the war... Its crunch timeIf you blood thro it increase