Watching beauty beauty videos top top YouTube is just one of our favourite pastimes, yet occasionally we can gain a tad bored v the content.

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Luckily, v all the lazing about that the festive season enables us,m us stumbled upon one YouTube beauty beauty guru v an epos twist.

Introducing sailor J, the parody beauty account the mixes sensational makeup looks through social problem discussion. Us subscribed in three seconds flat.

Sailor uses her tutorials to aid unfortunate singletons catch a man, utilizing the bamboozlement and also witchcraft that is makeup.

'I bought this brush native a mrs at the mall,' she declares in GETTING A man 101, among her famous videos.

'She had actually a wedding ring on, so clearly she to know what she's doing.'

Sailor likewise takes the absolute p*** the end of the continuous insistence that males that makeup is 'false advertising.'

'A male is walk to find me and also think – 'Wow, a mrs born v gold eyelids.'

Her most viewed video Contouring 101, has actually over 1.2 million views thanks to it's time on the trending page, and also for great reason.

'If men find out we have the right to rearrange the skeletal of ours face, we're finished. We might also pack ours bags and go to the nunnery,' she proclaims, in full Sailor J persona.

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'If the men find out we have the right to shape shift, they're going to tell the church.'

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'Beautiful ladies don't have foreheads,' she says sarcastically.

'If you have actually too big of a brain, it way you have ugly things favor opinions and also thoughts of your own.'

We'll leaving you to clock it because that yourself:

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