Fairy Tail: Gray’s 10 the strongest Moves, Ranked Gray Fullbuster is among the the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail, yet which of his moves room the most an effective of castle all? below they space ranked.

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Gray Fullbuster is one of the the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail. When he isn"t reflexively stripping off his clothing, Gray beats down bad guys with his mastery of ice Magic. He techniques a one-of-a-kind brand of spells called machine Magic, which allows him form the ice into everything shape he wants.

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As a main character and also one the Natsu"s rivals within the Fairy Tail guild, Gray is already pretty solid when the story starts, however he continues to surpass his boundaries to store up throughout the series. Acquiring a boost from evil one Slayer Magic near the end doesn"t pains either.

periodically with magic, the finest offense is a great defense. Naturally, Gray can use his Ice-Make magic for both attacking and also protecting himself. Ice-Make: Rampart is a large wall of ice, a powered-up version of spells favor Ice-Make: Shield and Ice-Make: Wall.

Since Gray"s Ice-Make moves are very situational, most unique moves favor this just make a arbitrarily appearance here or there. Ice-Make: Rampart uses a lot of magic power, for this reason that"s another reason the doesn"t come up the much. Still, this relocate was reliable in his fight versus Racer.

9 Unison Raid

just a few wizards in the show even attempt the combination magical an approach known as a Unison Raid. Requiring complete unity in between the two wizards who actors it, it"s thought about to be yes, really difficult. Luckily, Gray has actually an unwavering admirer v water magic come sync up with when the going it s okay tough.

Gray and also Juvia are most likely the most typical users the Unison Raids and their magic specialties room perfect compliments. When this will-they-won"t-they pair fights together, they deserve to summon a ton the icicles because that a huge long-range attack.

In typical Fairy Tail fashion, an ext words in the attack"s surname mean much more power. Ice-Make Unlimited: One face Chaotic Dance is one of the strongest Ice-Make spells Gray pulls off before getting devil Slayer powers.

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The strike is reminiscent of Erza"s Heaven"s Wheel. Turn a bunch that ice roughly him, Gray creates several rings of swords. He climate fires the most them at his enemy, freeze them. Ice-Make Unlimited: One face Chaotic Dance is just one of the vital moves Gray offers in the grand Magical Games against Memory-Make sorcerer’s Rufus.

7 Ice-Make: Vambrace

This is absolutely one that Gray"s much more improvised attacks. Many of his moves involve ice cream projectiles or structures. Ice-Make: Vambrace is an ice augmentation to his arm intended to increase his strength. Gray offered this long ice arm to litter a steel ball at an tremendous speed throughout his fight through Silver Fullbuster.

In stimulate to defeat his revitalized Ice devil Slayer father, Gray has actually to acquire creative, sending out his projectile flying with enough force the pierce Silver"s chest using the included power of Ice-Make: Vambrace. After ~ this fight, Gray earns Ice adversary Slayer powers of his own.

obtaining Ice adversary Slayer Magic do Gray a vast threat close to the end of the series. Besides being able come fight through a new type of ice Magic, Gray acquired a big power-up to his old device Magic. Ice-Make: Silver is just one of the strongest moves Gray deserve to pull off through his trademark combat style.

The relocate is plainly a reference and also dedication to his father, Silver, who Gray killed in a facility and confusing series of events during the Tartaros arc. It enables him to soon freeze a large area, and he uses it to prevent Spriggan 12 Ajeel"s Sand Golem, destroying it.

5 ice Devil"s Rage

Every Fairy Tail fan is acquainted with the breath strikes Dragon Slayers can use, and how God Slayers and also Devil Slayers regularly can perform tantamount spells v edgier names. After obtaining his adversary Slayer Magic, Gray to learn the capability to do Ice Devil"s Rage.

The strike consists of shoot a huge, cold beam in a right line. Gray doesn"t obtain the possibility to floor the assault in his fight with Mard Geer, therefore the strength of his version is up for debate. Yet given the toughness of the move when Silver supplied it, ice cream Devil"s rage is quite destructive.

Channeling Gajeel a little with this move, Gray"s Ice Devil"s Zeroth long Sword allows him create a sword between his hands and deliver a an essential slash. After ~ the lightning-fast to win occurs, ice forms on the wound and quickly expands to encase the enemy.

The last arcs had a lot of of avenues for the the strongest Fairy Tail members to present off just how far beyond the competition they are. While anyone struggled to fight the Demons the Tartaros, Gray regulated to take out Etherious type Tempester through a single hit indigenous this move.

3 ice Devil"s Zeroth devastation Fist

due to the fact that a destruction Fist move is just one of Natsu"s strongest moves, that stands to factor that Gray"s version would conquer his opponents as well. The magic seems basic enough—Gray augments his fists with ice for a melee attack—but there"s an ext to it 보다 that.

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When Gray fights Invel, Zeref"s number two, it"s an ice-on-ice battle. Invel is maybe to usage the "unholy ice" known as True-Ice Kamui, a potent armor. Regrettably for him, Gray is maybe to form that ice with devil Slayer Magic, forming it into Ice Devil"s Zeroth devastation Fist.

ice cream Devil"s Zeroth damage Bow is just one of the the strongest Ice adversary Slayer move Gray deserve to use, and also its long-range provides it lots of versatility. Mimicking a bow and also arrow, Gray fires a fast shot of ice that might take down pretty much anyone.

The whole allude of evil one Slayer Magic is to slay devils (also referred to as demons), so it provides sense the this technique was effective against Tartaros" leader, Mard Geer. Even landing a struggle on among Zeref"s strongest fighters is a large deal, and also Gray manages come deal far-reaching damage come him through this move.

1 Iced Shell

If Gray has proved anything over the course of Fairy Tail, it"s the he has actually the power and also willingness to pull turn off this last-resort technique. Thankfully, though he starts it countless times, Gray is never permitted to finish the fatal spell that collection him on his route to Fairy Tail.

Iced covering is one ultimate ice cream spell that supplies the caster"s body to create a (mostly) unbreakable frozen seal about a target. Gray"s master, Ur, provided her life to protect her student by casting Iced shell on the demon Deliora. Gray constantly has this in his earlier pocket, indigenous the an initial season to the last confrontation with Zeref.

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