Fairy Tail: Gray’s 10 Strongest Moves, Ranked Gray Fullbuster is one of the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail, but which of his moves are the the majority of powerful of them all? Here they are ranked.

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Gray Fullbuster is one of the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail. When he isn"t reflexively stripping off his apparel, Gray beats down negative males through his mastery of Ice Magic. He methods a distinct brand of spells referred to as Maker Magic, which allows him form the ice into whatever shape he desires.

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As a major character and among Natsu"s rivals within the Fairy Tail guild, Gray is already pretty solid once the story starts, but he continues to surpass his limits to keep up throughout the series. Getting a boost from Devil Slayer Magic near the finish does not hurt either.

Sometimes via magic, the finest offense is a good defense. Naturally, Gray deserve to use his Ice-Make magic for both attacking and protecting himself. Ice-Make: Rampart is a huge wevery one of ice, a powered-up version of spells favor Ice-Make: Shield and Ice-Make: Wall.

Since Gray"s Ice-Make moves are incredibly situational, most unique moves like this just make a random appearance right here or tright here. Ice-Make: Rampart provides many magic power, so that"s another reason it doesn"t come up that much. Still, this relocate was efficient in his fight versus Racer.

9 Uniboy Raid

Only a couple of wizards in the display even attempt the coordinated magical approach recognized as a Unikid Rassist. Requiring full unity between the two wizards that cast it, it"s thought about to be really tough. Luckily, Gray has an unwavering admirer through water magic to sync up with as soon as the going gets tough.

Gray and also Juthrough are most likely the many widespread individuals of Unikid Raids and also their magic specialties are perfect compliments. When this will-they-won"t-they couple fights together, they deserve to summon a ton of icicles for a vast long-range assault.

In typical Fairy Tail fashion, more words in the attack"s name expect even more power. Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance is just one of the strongest Ice-Make spells Gray pulls off before acquiring Devil Slayer powers.

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The attack is reminiscent of Erza"s Heaven"s Wheel. Spinning a bunch of ice around him, Gray creates several rings of swords. He then fires the lot of them at his enemy, freezing them. Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance is just one of the crucial moves Gray provides in the Grand Magical Games versus Memory-Make wizard Rufus.

7 Ice-Make: Vambrace

This is absolutely among Gray"s even more improvised attacks. Many of his moves involve ice projectiles or frameworks. Ice-Make: Vambrace is an ice augmentation to his arm meant to boost his toughness. Gray provided this long ice arm to throw a steel round at an incredible speed in the time of his fight with Silver Fullbuster.

In order to defeat his revived Ice Devil Slayer father, Gray has to obtain imaginative, sfinishing his projectile flying with sufficient force the pierce Silver"s chest making use of the included power of Ice-Make: Vambrace. After this fight, Gray earns Ice Devil Slayer powers of his very own.

Gaining Ice Devil Slayer Magic made Gray a huge danger near the finish of the series. Besides being able to fight with a brand-new form of Ice Magic, Gray got a large power-approximately his old Maker Magic. Ice-Make: Silver is one of the strongest moves Gray deserve to pull off through his tradenote combat style.

The move is plainly a referral and dedication to his father, Silver, who Gray killed in a facility and also confutilizing series of events during the Tartaros arc. It enables him to instantly freeze a large area, and also he uses it to stop Spriggan 12 Ajeel"s Sand Golem, damaging it.

5 Ice Devil"s Rage

Every Fairy Tail fan is familiar through the breath assaults Dragon Slayers deserve to use, and how God Slayers and Devil Slayers regularly deserve to percreate tantamount spells via edgier names. After getting his Devil Slayer Magic, Gray learns the capability to percreate Ice Devil"s Rage.

The attack consists of firing a substantial, cold beam in a right line. Gray does not obtain the possibility to land the strike in his fight via Mard Geer, so the power of his version is up for debate. But given the toughness of the move when Silver provided it, Ice Devil"s Rage is pretty disastrous.

Channeling Gajeel a tiny with this relocate, Gray"s Ice Devil"s Zeroth Long Sword allows him develop a sword in between his hands and provide a critical slash. After the lightning-quick strike occurs, ice creates on the wound and also quickly broadens to eninstance the adversary.

The final arcs had actually many opportunities for the strongest Fairy Tail members to display off just how far past the competition they are. While everyone struggcaused fight the Demons of Tartaros, Gray regulated to take out Etherious Form Tempester with a single hit from this relocate.

3 Ice Devil"s Zeroth Destruction Fist

Because a Destruction Fist relocate is just one of Natsu"s strongest moves, it stands to reason that Gray"s version would overcome his enemies too. The magic appears straightforward enough—Gray augments his fists via ice for a melee attack—yet there"s even more to it than that.

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When Gray fights Invel, Zeref"s number 2, it"s an ice-on-ice fight. Invel is able to usage the "unholy ice" known as True-Ice Kamui, a potent armor. Unfortunately for him, Gray is able to shape that ice with Devil Slayer Magic, developing it into Ice Devil"s Zeroth Destruction Fist.

Ice Devil"s Zeroth Destruction Bow is one of the strongest Ice Devil Slayer moves Gray deserve to use, and its long-variety gives it tons of versatility. Mimicking a bow and also arrow, Gray fires a fast shot of ice that can take dvery own pretty a lot anyone.

The totality allude of Devil Slayer Magic is to slay devils (additionally dubbed demons), so it makes feeling that this technique was effective versus Tartaros" leader, Mard Geer. Even landing a hit on among Zeref"s strongest fighters is a huge deal, and Gray manages to deal substantial damage to him via this relocate.

1 Iced Shell

If Gray has actually showed anypoint over the course of Fairy Tail, it"s that he has the power and also willingness to pull off this last-rekind technique. Thankcompletely, though he starts it many kind of times, Gray is never permitted to complete the fatal spell that set him on his route to Fairy Tail.

Iced Shell is an ultimate ice spell that supplies the caster"s body to produce a (mostly) unbreakable frozen seal about a targain. Gray"s understand, Ur, offered her life to protect her students by casting Iced Shell on the demon Deliora. Gray always has actually this in his back pocket, from the first seachild to the last confrontation with Zeref.

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