ManufacturerJack Pine
ThemePattern / Assortment, Sweets
Puzzle TypeJigsaw Puzzle
Mfg. Component Number70035
UPC Number625012700351
Release Year2016
Puzzle CategoryCollages & Assortments
Item Number100545
AvailabilityOnline Only

About Jack Pine ice Cream

A delicious 1000 item puzzle packed in a caramel coloured box. 'Ice Cream' is certain to it is in a struggle in any type of home. Guaranteed no to melt on also the hottest of summers.

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Jack pine puzzles room our specialty high quality imagery in ~ mass-market pricing. Unlike most mass-market puzzles which room sealed via one overwrapped bottom, Jack jaw boxes room sealed wth shrink wrap, making lock much much less frustrating come open. Our unique die-cutting procedure reduces dust levels, i beg your pardon is regularly high in mass-market puzzles. The boxes room made with 40 allude chipboard, making them much less prone to damage while on the shelf.

Reduced dust levelsBoxes made v 40 pt. Chipboard because that sturdinessSquare crate size: 7.5"w x 8"h x 2.5"dPrinted through soy based inksBiodegradable within bag




This was straightforward for a 1,000 item puzzle but it was fun. An excellent quality piece that fit with each other nicely.

This puzzle was fun and just the right level the difficulty. Mine just suggestion is to make the puzzle pieces slightly bigger for ease throughout assembling

The image on the puzzle extends past the image shown on the package. Also, some of the colors room not very faithful. What i imagine is claimed to be maple walnut ice cream has a green tinge ~ above the puzzle. The combination of those two issues makes assembly harder 보다 it has to be.

This was hard! several odd shame pieces and too many similar scoops of ice cream. A an excellent challenge!

Enjoyed this one - several like colors and weird shaped piece made it hard ... I would certainly say no for beginners ..

Would Recommend: correctly

I watch tricky and I understand I will enjoy the puzzling suffer (haven"t excellent it however - still functioning on the world map). I am an absolute fan the Ravensburger, because the pieces have a an excellent size and also fit unique

Would Recommend: yes

Bright colors, happy subject. More an overwhelming than expected; but challenge is component of the charm that a large puzzle. We"re almost finished! The vanilla/caramel colors are the hardest

Would Recommend: yes

It"s a really tricky puzzle since of every the comparable colors, but for those that love puzzles this is a an excellent one to try!

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