I was re-visiting the winter of Galadriel succession recently, and it arisen to me that as soon as Galadriel claims “I pass the test, I will diminish, and go right into the West, and remain Galadriel.” she doesn’t simply mean the she prospered at the test versus temptation, but that she also is avoiding/passing on gift tested through the ring.

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This seems specifically likely come me since, moments before, she says that her wish is that “Whatever will be will be.” because, when the One Ring’s damage will assignment the end of elf magic, the elves together a entirety would fairly see Sauron ruined if that’s what it took.


There is a lot to Galadriel’s test. I additionally read it has she pass the death of Mandos . Usually she was never ever able to go back to the West until she confirmed herself. Through proving the she wouldn’t usage evil even to defeat evil, she verified that she learned the the end don’t justify the way and worthy of staying herself in the eternal West.

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"Galadriel was born in the bliss the Valinor, but it was no long, in the reckoning of the Blessed Realm, prior to that was dimmed; and also thereafter she had actually no tranquility within. For in that testing time between the strife the the Noldor she was drawn this way and that. She was proud, strong, and selfwilled, together were all the descendants of Finwë conserve Finarfin; and like her brother Finrod, of every her kin the nearest to she heart, she had desires of much lands and dominions that could be her own to order together she would certainly without tutelage. Yet deeper still there dwelt in her the noble and also generous heart of the Vanyar, and also a reverence because that the Valar the she could not forget. From her earliest year she had actually a marvellous gift of insight into the minds of others, yet judged them through mercy and also understanding, and she withheld she goodwill indigenous none save only Fëanor. In that she regarded a darkness that she hated and also feared, despite she did not perceive that the shadow of the very same evil had fallen ~ above the mental of every the Noldor, and upon she own.

So it concerned pass that as soon as the light of Valinor failed, for ever as the Noldor thought, she join the rebellion versus the Valar who commanded them to stay; and once she had collection foot top top that road of exile she would certainly not relent, but rejected the last article of the Valar, and also came under the doom of Mandos. Even after the merciless assault upon the Teleri and also the rape of your ships, though she battled fiercely versus Fëanor in defence of she mother's kin, she go not turn back. Her pride to be unwilling to return, a defeated suppliant for pardon; however now she shed with desire to monitor Fëanor v her rage to whatever lands he can come, and to thwart him in all methods that she could. Pride still relocated her when, in ~ the finish of the Elder job after the final overthrow of Morgoth, she refuse the pardon the the Valar for every who had fought versus him, and remained in Middle-earth. It to be not till two long ages much more had passed, once at critical all the she had preferred in her youth pertained to her hand, the Ring that Power and the dominance of Middle-earth i m sorry she had dreamed, that her wisdom was complete grown and she garbage it, and passing the critical test departed from Middle-earth for ever."