JPEGMAFIA, the Baltieven more rapper behind "Babsence Ben Carboy," discusses the craft behind his provocative song titles.

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If you heard the term “JPEGMAFIA,” I wouldn’t blame you for reasoning it was a chiptune band or an art collective that puts Prick Butt memes wbelow they shouldn’t be. I additionally wouldn’t blame you if you would have never assumed it was an ex armed forces rapper from Baltimore via a song called “I Smell Crack.”

Barrington Hendricks, also well-known as “Peggy,” has been watching his buzz—initially cultivated on the tasks Communist Slow Jams and also Darkskin Manson—end up being an avalanche in current months adhering to the release of his album Babsence Ben Carson. On it, Peggy effortlessly switches in between rapping and also crooning over beats that sound choose either scary Tekken phase music or dying in a cyborg hospital.

Today he takes on one more Republihave the right to politician with the video, premiering below, for “I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump,” which attributes Peggy and also trusted collaborator Freaky terrorizing a area by existing. I met up with JPEGMAFIA at the Bell, a studio/hang out spot/venue in Baltimore's Station North for the Llamadon affiliated congregate. When I arrived, JPEG remained in the studio via intergalactic chanteusage Elon and also the ever-functioning Nyoka Ny-D in a room that wouldn’t look out of area in an old Wu Tang video.

Noisey: How did you come up with the name JPEGMAFIA?JPEGMAFIA: I stayed in Japan for a small little bit and also we would certainly just obtain nicknames off of internet shit. One nigga was PNG, one nigga was Dropbox, and I was just JPEG. My band also out tbelow was referred to as “Ghold Pop,” and one day we were fucking approximately like “We the mafia currently,” so one was PNGMAFIA, and I was JPEGMAFIA. I supplied to rap under the name Devon Hendrix, my middle name and last name, yet when I wanted to change my name, I couldn’t think of shit other than JPEGMAFIA.

What was your old shit choose back when you first started?When I first started rapping, I used to just jock Jay Z super tough. Back once I was choose 14 and 15, it was, like, Jay Z, Ice Cube, and also Lil Wayne. When I started coming right into my own, I was super political, type of choose I am currently. I strayed away from it, however then I came earlier into it as JPEG. The initially point I ever before put on the internet was actually a beat tape, but the initially thing I ever put on wright here I was rapping was referred to as “Generation Y,” and also it was hella political. I was dissing Sarah Palin, all that shit.

On Babsence Ben Carson, the song titles really caught my eye: Tright here are songs choose “Digital Blackface,” “Cuckold,” and my individual favorite “I Killed A Cop and Now I’m Horny.” Did you just think of the names once you made the beat, or did you name them after they were done?Once I rapped it and also listened to it, it would either be something I shelp or just a feeling. “I Killed a Cop and also Now I’m Horny” is old. It’s the oldest song on the album. I released a job dubbed Dark Skinned Manson, and also it was a leftover from that. I was simply like “You recognize what, this deserves to be heard.” I didn’t put it out at the moment because I felt I was singing too much. I didn’t even carry out it to be funny or anything. Like, I looked at the tracklist prior to I put it out and also was prefer “Oh, this retarded.”

Now you have actually “I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump” dropping with Freaky. How did the concept to carry out a Donald Trump song come about, and also just how did Freaky acquire involved?Well, me and also Freaky been understanding each various other for a while, and also he was always playing crazy music in his room, yet he would certainly never release it. He’s, choose, the most underground rapper I recognize, and he’s crazy talented.

We began functioning an EP, and I had actually this beat (for Donald Trump) and also played it for him. He was favor “Yo, this Trump shit is crazy, we have to try to obtain an endorsement from that nigga.” Like, the whole allude of the song is prefer “We might just vote for Donald Trump bereason it shouldn’t be legal to vote for him in the first location.” For somebody favor me that talks around politics all the moment, it would certainly be also simple to just say “fuck Donald Trump.” I need to make civilization be favor “Why is he saying this and also why are we letting them?” You know exactly how rappers carry out, we simply went in the corner and started writing.

In the video, y’all were riding approximately in the pristine, white community. Y’all niggas went out, to prefer, Columbia or Frederick, Maryland, and shit?(Laughs) Yeah, that’s Bel Air, Maryland also. There’s this dude named Jeff Rettberg that did the video. He operated on House of Cards, so that’s why the video looks so fucking great. He actually hit me up on Facebook like “Yo, I really favor your music. If you want to talk sometime about making a video clip, I’d love to.” He sent me, like, a movie he did, and I was favor “damn, this shit is hard.”

Yeah, I constantly watch rap videos and also be prefer “Wbelow execute they discover these cops and also white people”? Do you simply go on Twitter favor “Hey, anybody wanna pretfinish to be afraid of black people for this music video”?Jeff kbrand-new all the people like the little bit girl and also her family members, the dude with the gun. The dude with the gun is actually his dad.

So you and also my dude Jacob Marley were touring the young Chitlin Circuit. What was the tour life like?It was fucking great. It was most shit that happened. We hit South Carolina and Virginia and shit. The mirrors are some of the finest mirrors I’ve ever had. The second present we played (in South Carolina), everyone kbrand-new all the words.

So what the groupie mouf do?(Laughs) I ain’t gonna say nothing around no groupies, however once I was in South Carolina this girl did certainly flash me to “Babsence Ben Carson” for no reason. The form of music I make, you would certainly think it would certainly just be a bunch of white dudes in a saconsumption fest, yet it be some fine ass girls coming to my show. I have actually no principle why. Like, my music ain’t misogynist or nopoint, however I wouldn’t intend that.

So what have the right to we look forward to all Summer 16/Summer 17 from Peggy?I’m releasing a whole EP via Freaky dubbed The Second Amendment that’s like eight songs. After that, I could release another solo EP or some singles for the remainder of the year. The major thing is the Second Amendment EP that’s dropping July 4. I desire it to be like the soundtrack for the presidential election.

Action Bastard is a writer based in Baltieven more. Follow him on Twitter.

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