"It's really one of the coolest gifts I think I've ever before received."

Scott Brown puts on his jacket after he stepped out of his pickup truck because that a 2012 project stop at Bunker Hill community College in the Charlestown community of derekwadsworth.com.

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Charles Krupa / AP

Scott Brown’s pickup truck was a mainstay of his 2010 and 2012 and also 2014 Senate campaigns.

Now, after ~ a circuitous journey, it’s a mainstay of his yard.

Except, it’s a bench.

Sort of.

After logging 343,000 miles on the environment-friendly 2005 GMC Canyon, the former Massachusetts senator states the increasing expenses of maintenance and repairs motivated him come donate the pickup come a Kars4Kids-type charity in late 2016, several months before he was nominated to become U.S. Ambassador to brand-new Zealand and also Samoa.

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Brown assumed the was good-bye — at the very least until his 62nd birthday previously this month, when his wife, Gail, surprised him with a wood bench v the old truck’s tailgate built into the back.


“It’s really among the coolest presents I think I’ve ever before received, or heard of anyone getting,” Brown called derekwadsworth.com end the phone Friday afternoon, while sitting on the bench, which he states is “very comfortable.”

Brown revealed the bench Thursday on society media, writing, “This is what is left native THE truck.”

A blast native the past. This is what is left from THE truck.
gailhuffbrown got it produced my bday. An extremely comfortable. Sweet.