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"I"ll tho Be love You" is a song videotaped by American country music team Restless Heart. It was released in January 1987 as the 2nd single from the album Wheels. The track was composed by Todd Cerney, Pam Rose, mary Ann Kennedy and Pat Bunch, and was Restless Heart"s second number-one country single. It saw number 1 on Hot country Songs because that one week and also spent 25 mainly on the chart. The solitary also to be a hit on the Adult modern chart and also gave the band their very first exposure on the popular music charts, whereby it ended up being their very first top 40 single. It was the first country song to cross end to the height 100 since Bop by Dan Seals 18 month earlier, and the an initial to cross over to the Billboard height 40 due to the fact that What about Me through Kenny Rogers (with Kim Carnes and also James Ingram) two and also a fifty percent years earlier. It to be the last nation song come cross over to the Billboard hot 100 until Billy ray Cyrus" "Achy Breaky Heart" 5 years later.more »

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Changing mine life v your love has actually been so simple for youAnd I"m amazed every day and I"ll require youTill every the hills are valleysAnd every s is dry, my loveI"ll it is in yours till the sun doesn"t shineTill time stands still, until the winds don"t blowWhen now is simply a memory to me, ns knowI"ll still it is in lovin", I"ll still it is in lovin" youI"ll still it is in lovin" youNever prior to did i know exactly how loving someone can beNow I deserve to see you and me because that a lifetimeUntil the critical moon is risingYou"ll watch the love in mine eyes, my loveI"ll still it is in lovin"I"ll still be lovin"I"ll still it is in lovin" youI"ll still it is in lovin"I"ll still be lovin"I"ll still be lovin" you

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Restless heart Restless heart is an American country music band developed in 1984. The band"s initial members were man Dittrich (drums, background vocals), Paul Gregg (bass guitar, background vocals), Dave Innis (piano, keyboards, valuation guitar, lift vocals), Greg Jennings (lead guitar, mandolin, elevator vocals), and also Verlon Thompson (lead vocals). Thompson was changed with Larry Stewart shortly prior to Restless Heart was signed come a record contract with RCA records in 1984. Much more »