While “Make You feel My Love” was initially written by Bob Dylan, the first released recording was actually done by Billy Joel, who placed it on his biggest Hits Volume III. The… read More 
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When the rain is punch in your faceAnd the whole world is on your caseI can offer girlfriend a warm embraceTo make you feeling my loveWhen the evening shadows and the stars appearAnd over there is nobody there come dry your tearsI can hold you because that a million yearsTo make you feeling my loveI understand you can not use made her mind increase yetBut ns would never do girlfriend wrongI’ve well-known it native the moment that we metNo doubt in mine mind whereby you belongI’d walk hungry, I’d walk black and blueI’d walk crawling under the avenueThere’s nothing that ns wouldn’t doTo make you feel my loveThe storms room raging on the roll seaAnd on the highway the regretThe winds of readjust are blowing wild and freeYou ain't checked out nothing like me yet
I could make you happy, do your desires come trueNothing that i wouldn’t doGo to the end of the planet for youTo do you feel my love
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While “Make You feel My Love” was initially written through Bob Dylan, the an initial released record was actually done by Billy Joel, who placed it on his Greatest hits Volume III. The Dylan track would famously be spanned by Adele on she debut studio album 19.

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What is the meaning of this words? Is it around Jesus?
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Dylan has an uncanny ability to write poetry the supports multiple interpretations. Once you listen to a Dylan song, that clear that what you obtain from it relies on what you bring into it.

During a 2004 CBS 60 minute interview, Ed Bradley inquiry him how he felt about some that his older songs when he performs castle today. Dylan replied: “They adjust their interpretations over durations of time. They change their meanings for different instances that a person is in and also they organize up due to the fact that there room so many levels in them”.

So, is this simply an simple love song, or are there layers to it? i think the the later; that’s the way this fellow writes. If you in the start of a love affair, it might be the what girlfriend hear is a beautiful love song. There are various other levels though, consisting of catharsis and spiritual healing.

1986 Dylan married Carolyn Dennis, but she filed for divorce in 1990. Numerous say the divorce motivated a depression in Dylan the you deserve to hear that in his 1997 album, Time out of Mind. If you were in a major depression, what you’d likely hear in this track is a heart-wrenching litany the the pains he is enduring because of the divorce and also the ns of she love.

You can likewise interpret the track as an account the the agony Jesus endured to offer humanity an additional chance. Dylan converted to Christianity in 1978, and also since then, he’s used quite a little of biblical imagery in his songs. “Go to the ends of the earth”, because that example, appears often in the Bible. The apostles are sent out to the end of the planet in Matthew 28:19 to do disciples of all nations, and also Jesus claims he will certainly gather his followers from the end of the planet in mark 13:27.

Finally, there space some really solid biblical recommendations in phrases like “I’d walk hungry, I’d walk black and also blue / I’d go crawling down the way / five there’s nothing that ns wouldn’t do / to make you feeling my love”. This is just what Jesus did as he carried his cross with the roadways of Jerusalem come his execution on mount Calvary. As soon as there is nobody there to dry her tears, “he will certainly wipe far every tear from your eyes” (Revelation 21:4). He will certainly take friend in his arms and also offer friend the warm adopt of a million years.

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So, it really is true: when you hear to Dylan, you obtain out of that what you lug into it.