OF THE countless AMERICANS WHO qualified for the current stimulus checks, there’s at least one team that will not be receiving money — those who have been report to the U.S. Treasury Department because that owing earlier child support.

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And that’s no a little number. As of January 2018, there were 13.6 million custodial solitary parents life in the joined States, and approximately half have some type of legit or informal child support covenant in place.

According to the most recent report on son support by the U.S. Census Bureau, however, only 43.5% that custodial parents reported receiving the full amount due indigenous noncustodial parents. In 2015, the quantity of impressive child assistance for the year reached $33.7 billion.

New Orleanian Simone Spence to know the struggle all also well. Throughout her own efforts to monitor down boy support for she daughter 25 years ago, Spence invested years researching the ins and also outs of boy support collection and quickly became, in her very own words, the “kitchen table expert,” with friends and other moms reaching out to her for help and advice.

After writing 2 books, testifying in former of Congress, and conducting speaking tours across the nation on the subject, Spence revolutionized her know-how into a proprietary modern technology platform referred to as Athena draft to streamline the procedure for parents looking to collect. The an outcome was the development of a new business last autumn that Spence called Don’t acquire Mad, get Paid.

“I had actually been a personal child assistance consultant because that over 2 decades,” Spence said. “During the time, I had actually helped an ext than 10,000 females to collect more than $15 million in back child support, and I had an 87% success rate. I never had actually to market and never advertised due to the fact that my customers found me on their own, to be referred read one of my books, that form of thing. At part point, I started to realize that this organization was lot bigger 보다 I am and also that the kind of organization that I provided needed come become much more accessible come women throughout the country. It to be then that I started to style the product that we have actually today.”

With one initial invest from PowerMoves.NOLA, an company that helps launch minority technology startups, Spence debuted Athena in October 2019. The technology, stated Spence, renders collecting spousal support less traumatic and traumatic.

“I can’t say as well much about the technology without offering away few of our an enig sauce,” she said, “but I will certainly say the at a high level, it works favor TurboTax meets LegalZoom. We gather the critical data around our customer the means that TurboTax does, questionnaire-style. We find the paying parent and also his assets and also income streams and also then, prefer LegalZoom, we generate legal files for our customers. The documents are state-specific, customized and also ready come use.”

In enhancement to local investments, Spence was able to gather a team the tech-savvy supporters through a global accelerator program called Techstars, who mission is to help founders through mentorships and partnerships.

“I earned a clues in Techstars last year and also participated in their influence Cohort in Austin, Texas,” said Spence. “Over 1,000 companies in 10 countries contended for those spots. They selected 10 companies, and my company was one of them.”

Spence claimed the program also helped her develop her tech team.

“One of my designers was the former co-founder the the application Store, lead technician for Inmobi and also has constructed for companies favor Samsung, Comcast and also LegalZoom,” she said. “My various other engineer to be lead engineer for Webroot. Castle both have 10 come 12 year of software advance and startup experience in Silicon Valley.”

Don’t obtain Mad, get Paid is gift designed with 3 levels that membership. At this time the just option is the Athena gold level, i m sorry provides range of assistance such together a library of necessary documents, record prep guidance, skip tracing to situate the other parent and more. Membership at this level is a $1,200 level fee, or $100 every month, v a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Additional member levels, Athena Silver, because that $20 every month, and also Athena Titanium, because that $999 every month, are still in the works, yet will offer differing menus of resources for every client’s differing needs.

“Athena silver is right now in advance to satisfy the needs of parents that may not require the full Athena platform,” said Spence. “It is projected come launch this summer. Manufacturing of Athena Titanium will begin after that.”

Spence claimed her client base is largely women and spans across all 50 states. “They loss into every socio-economic clip — from well-off to middle-class and also lowerincome,” she said. “Though many civilization don’t choose to admit it, us all recognize somebody who has had actually a trouble collecting ago child support. If girlfriend don’t think so, begin shaking your family and friend trees and see who drops out.”

Athena’s modern technology works finest by taking the guesswork the end of the process for parents who are trying come locate and collect son support.

“We have actually what we believe is the fastest collection process in the country and also can acquire our customers through the entire procedure within months,” she said. “We uncover the payor and their assets, transfer any type of paperwork to another state, if necessary, place liens and also guide our customer through the collection of your money within the time.”

With the launch of her company, Spence is confident that her years of job-related will proceed to aid parents even past her time together CEO and reach past what she had been qualified of doing by herself as a consultant.

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“A few years ago, ns realized the this occupational that I have actually been law is lot bigger 보다 me and much bigger 보다 the 10,000 moms the I have actually helped over the years,” she said. “There are countless women who require this help. So, realizing this need and being able to develop something to attend to it is a good feeling,” she said. “I chose the name Athena because that our product since Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, law and justice. Our product democratizes the son support collection procedure for earlier child assistance and enables women to access an otherwise really inaccessible system.”


“We have what we believe is the faster collection process in the country and also can gain our customers v the entire procedure within months,” claimed Simone Spence around her proprietary technology platform she called Athena.