OF THE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WHO qualified for the current stimulus checks, there’s at least one team that will certainly not be receiving money — those who have been reported to the U.S. Treasury Department for owing back son assistance.

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And that’s not a small number. As of January 2018, tright here were 13.6 million custodial single parental fees living in the United States, and also around half have some form of legal or informal son support agreement in area.

According to the many recent report on son support by the UNITED STATE Census Bureau, but, just 43.5% of custodial parental fees reported receiving the complete amount due from noncustodial parental fees. In 2015, the amount of impressive son support for the year reached $33.7 billion.

New Orleanian Simone Spence knows the struggle all as well well. During her own efforts to track dvery own son assistance for her daughter 25 years earlier, Spence invested years relooking the ins and outs of boy support repertoire and also quickly became, in her own words, the “kitchen table skilled,” via friends and other moms reaching out to her for help and also advice.

After creating two books, testifying in front of Congress, and also conducting speaking tours across the country on the topic, Spence transdeveloped her know-how right into a proprietary technology platform dubbed Athena designed to streamline the procedure for paleas looking to collect. The outcome was the creation of a new service last fall that Spence referred to as Don’t Get Mad, Get Paid.

“I had been a personal child assistance consultant for over 2 decades,” Spence sassist. “During that time, I had assisted more than 10,000 womales to collect even more than $15 million in earlier boy assistance, and also I had actually an 87% success price. I never before had to industry and also never before advertised because my customers uncovered me on their very own, were referred read one of my books, that form of thing. At some suggest, I started to realize that this company was much bigger than I am and also that the type of service that I provided essential to end up being more easily accessible to woguys throughout the nation. It was then that I began to style the product that we have actually now.”

With an initial investment from PowerMoves.NOLA, an organization that helps launch minority technology startups, Spence debuted Athena in October 2019. The modern technology, sassist Spence, makes collecting spousal assistance less traumatic and traumatic.

“I can’t say also much around the technology without giving amethod some of our secret sauce,” she shelp, “yet I will say that at a high level, it functions favor TurboTax meets LegalZoom. We gather the instrumental information around our customer the way that TurboTax does, questionnaire-style. We find the paying parent and also his assets and also earnings streams and then, like LegalZoom, we generate legal papers for our customers. The papers are state-particular, customized and prepared to usage.”

In enhancement to regional investments, Spence had the ability to gather a team of tech-savvy supporters with an international accelerator regimen called Techstars, whose mission is to aid founders with mentorships and partnerships.

“I earned a spot in Techstars last year and also participated in their Impact Cohort in Austin, Texas,” said Spence. “Over 1,000 providers in 10 countries competed for those spots. They schosen 10 carriers, and also my company was among them.”

Spence said the program additionally aided her construct her tech team.

“One of my engineers was the previous co-founder of the App Store, lead engineer for Inmobi and has actually constructed for suppliers like Samsung, Comcast and LegalZoom,” she shelp. “My various other engineer was lead engineer for Webroot. They both have actually 10 to 12 years of software breakthrough and startup endure in Silicon Valley.”

Don’t Get Mad, Get Passist is being designed with 3 levels of membership. Right now the just option is the Athena Gold level, which gives an array of assistance such as a library of crucial files, record prep guidance, skip tracing to situate the other parent and also even more. Membership at this level is a $1,200 flat fee, or $100 per month, via a 100% satisfactivity guarantee.

More membership levels, Athena Silver, for $20 per month, and also Athena Titanium, for $999 per month, are still in the functions, but will certainly market differing menus of sources for each client’s varying needs.

“Athena Silver is currently in development to accomplish the requirements of parental fees that may not need the complete Athena platdevelop,” shelp Spence. “It is projected to launch this summer. Production of Athena Titanium will certainly begin after that.”

Spence said her client base is greatly womales and also spans throughout all 50 claims. “They loss into eincredibly socio-economic bracket — from rich to middle-course and lowerearnings,” she shelp. “Though many kind of world don’t like to admit it, we all understand somebody that has had a difficulty collecting back child support. If you don’t think so, begin shaking your household and also frifinish trees and see who drops out.”

Athena’s technology works ideal by taking the guesswork-related out of the procedure for parents that are trying to locate and also collect son assistance.

“We have actually what we believe is the fastest repertoire procedure in the country and also can acquire our customers through the entire procedure within months,” she said. “We discover the payor and their assets, move any kind of paperwork to an additional state, if important, place liens and guide our client through the repertoire of their money within that time.”

With the launch of her firm, Spence is hopeful that her years of work will certainly continue to assist paleas also past her time as CEO and also reach past what she had been capable of doing by herself as a consultant.

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“A few years earlier, I realized that this occupational that I have actually been doing is a lot bigger than me and much bigger than the 10,000 moms that I have actually aided over the years,” she said. “Tright here are numerous woguys who need this help. So, realizing this need and also being able to develop something to address it is a great feeling,” she shelp. “I decided the name Athena for our product because Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, battle, law and justice. Our product democratizes the son assistance repertoire process for earlier boy assistance and allows women to accessibility an otherwise extremely inobtainable device.”


“We have what we think is the fastest repertoire process in the country and can get our customers through the whole process within months,” sassist Simone Spence around her proprietary innovation platform she named Athena.