Endless Blade Works refers to the noble phantasm of the character Archer and Shirou Emiya in the Type-Moon Fate series. Since its arrival in 2004, the capability became renowned among fans, spawning parodies and a copypasta based on the noble phantasm"s incantation.

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Endless Blade Works was first presented in the 2004 visual novel game Fate/continue to be night, specifically in one of the game"s story paths under the exact same name as the noble phantasm.<10> The noble phantasm is a truth marble that acts as a magical manufacturing facility for creating replicas of various weapons consisting of other noble phantasms. To summon the fact marble, Archer must use an incantation to facilitate the invocation. The incantation reads:

"I am the Bamong my SwordSteel is my Body and Fire is my Blood.I have actually produced over a Thousand also Blades,Unrecognized to Death,Nor well-known to Life.Have sustained Pain to produce many type of WeaponsYet those Hands will never before organize Anything.So, as I Pray-- Endless Blade Works"

Shirou Emiya has an different variation of the incantation which he uses to summon the fact marble. The incantation is as follows:

"I am the Bamong my SwordSteel is my Body and Fire is my BloodI have actually developed over a Thousand BladesUnmindful of Loss, Nor mindful of Gain.Withstood Pain to create Weapons, Waiting for one’s ArrivalI have actually no Regrets. This is the just PathMy whole life was Endless Blade Works"


Discussions concerning Limitless Blade Works began as beforehand as 2006 via write-ups showing up on a variety of sites such as reddit,<1> Tumblr,<2> 4chan,<3> Gamefaqs,<4> TVTropes,<5> and also Zetaboards.<6> On December 8th, 2008, Urban Thesaurus user Arblast submitted an entry concerning the noble phantasm (shown below).<7>

On July 3first, 2013, Youtube user ExiaFr posted a video clip showcasing Archer utilizing Unlimited Blade Works which was taken from the 2010 movie adaptation of Fate/Stay Night (shown below, left). Within 2 years, the video gathered over 276,000 views. On May 10th, 2015, Youtube user TheSzadow posted a video comparing Archer"s Countless Blade Works ability in between the 2006 and also the 2014 anime adaptation of Fate/continue to be Night (presented listed below, right). Within a year, the video gathered over 199,000 views. Both videos were inevitably deleted.

Unlimited Essay Works

Endless Essay Works refers to a notorious 4chan write-up that was submitted by a user well-known as "Mike." The post shows an essay that was created in the same manner as the copypasta which brought about the user getting a D+ and also ultimately failing his semester.

The original threview was posted on August second, 2006 on 4chan"s /a/ board.<13> In the thcheck out, the original poster delivered a promise he made in a previous topic to rotate in his last exam in the create of the Countless Blade Works copypasta (displayed below).

The thread got traction among users and was subsequently stickied by a mod.<11> The image of the essay gained popularity on a variety of sites such as Funny Exams,<12><9> Dark Mirage,<8> and FunnyJunk.

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<14> The threview additionally spawned a number of edits that pokes fun at the event(presented below).