it’s Digital romantic founder and CEO Michael Fiore. I proceed to get astonishing feedback around our “Ask Mike” feature, and am overwhelmed by the “thank you’s” and also requests because that “More, more, more.”

As a relationship, love, sex, and also passion professional I’m dedicated to giving you what you want. For this reason I’m just gonna — pardon me for simply one sec here while I collection the mood…

(lights candles and also incense, sets record player on basic listening jazz…)

Okay ns back.

So I’m simply gonna provide you more of specifically what friend want. (Ladies, imagine me speak this in a sultry, silky voice).

Okay, right here we go…

Tiffany indigenous Dallas, Texas asks:

Dear Mike,

I was at a happy hour the other night capturing up through some single girlfriends. We were simply tossing back some drinks prefer girls like to carry out on a Friday night. The youngsters were v sitters and we wanted to let loosened a little. Meeting men was a distant goal because that the night, yet we were content simply hanging out.

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We heard these guys talking in ~ the table alongside us. They were pretty loud and also drunk, even though they believed they were whispering. Castle were every in their 30’s or 40’s, and talking around dating.

So normally my lady friends and I listened in. What we heard was shocking.

“Women end ‘the wall’ room nothing yet baggage.”

What? i couldn’t believe what ns was hearing! here was a male who was “moderately attractive” instantly ruling out whole age team of solitary women, due to the fact that they’re universally baggage?

He walk on to say,

“They’re too much ‘work.’ Screw ‘em and dump ‘em, sure. However something significant with a woman previous 35 is a huge gamble. The deck is stacked against you, and the house constantly wins.

… lock damaged. Nothing waste her time.

They’re either watching their organic clock ticking away —

… desperate because that a baby

… or lock just looking for a ‘provider’ to satisfy some unrealistic expectations.

Stick to girl in their 20’s — your odds space better. They placed out, they’ll placed up through anything. Finding a mrs over 35 who’s worth the extra baggage would certainly be choose finding a unicorn.”

Mike, i was speechless at the time, and I’m still trying come wrap my head about everything they had to say. Here’s my question.

Do males really feeling this way? Is this the perception that my solitary friends and also I have to overcome, just to get a date? We’re “baggage?” We’re a large financial risk?

What is this UNICORN he’s talking about, and also how perform I come to be one?”

Single and also Perplexed,



Mike’s answer… (drumroll!)


Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany. Okay.

Thank you for creating in v your question, and for writing v such wonderful grammar! i’ve heard about this “baggage” label plenty of times. I know it can be scary to be assumed of as “baggage.” don’t worry. I’ve made a special video for you, whereby you’ll find a special ability that any type of woman — of any kind of age — can use to become this mystical “unicorn” that man was talking around with his friends.

However, you need to promise (I average seriously promise, like twin pinky promise) to never ever before EVER use this ability on that guy from the bar. That guy was a jerk-wad. A directly up asshole.

You have to promise to only usage this powerful brand-new skill on males who are worthy that you and your astonishing capability to love.

Got it? Awesome.

Okay, now on come business.

There’s two points you must know.

First, there’s the answer friend don’t want to hear…

Lots of males view females over 35 as “baggage.” Sure, the true. This guys have actually either had bad experiences, or they’ve spent too lot time trolling online forums where solitary men whine about their exes. As with most things, civilization will talk around their bad experiences more than their positive ones.

Keep in mind, if these males knew what the hell they were talking about, they would certainly wouldn’t be single and bitter. Unfortunately, these men are “bad apples” and also they’re spoiling all the incredible solitary guys out there — aka “good apples” — with their bile.


Not all single guys are bitter.

And this whole “women over 35 room baggage” point is a real obstacle you’re walk to challenge out in date land, because, prefer I said, the assholes have actually incredible word of mouth.

But this is some tremendous news. You will do it be dazzling to know, once you clock this special video clip I made for you, you’ll find there’s a details linguistic skill you can quickly learn, i beg your pardon you can use to revolve the table on any kind of man that views females over 35 together “heavy baggage.” 

Learn This Skill and also NEVER Worry about Being “Heavy Baggage” Again!

Linguistic skill? No, I’m not talking around blowjobs, friend dirty tiny girl. (No man is going to complain around bee-jays, through the way.) but I’m actually talking about psychological top — exactly how you have the right to use words that make guys ache for you and salivate choose Pavlov’s dog in ~ the mere believed of this words dripping from her lips.

Before I get into what this “skill” is, remember, you deserve to use this ability for an excellent or evil. Ns hope you’ll select wisely.

AND you have the right to use this ability on any kind of man.

You can use it to A) acquire laid ~ above a random horny night, or B) tame the wildest evidenced bachelor into a husband the seethes at the loins for your body. However I recommend you make sure any kind of man deserve to pass this 3 action test.

If you’re trying to find option A… High five, you walk girl! simply skip right here. 

But if you’re trying to find option B, make sure he have the right to pass this test before using your brand-new ninja trick.

Don’t worry, the not among those “trick a guy” tests. It’s just a couple of pointers for picking the great quality males from the jerks. This is appropriate for as soon as you’re hanging out with your lady friends at a bar ~ above a Friday night.

The 3 part TEST! stop begin.

Part 1: Does he stare incessantly in ~ the television or his cellphone when his friends space talking? If the answer is yes, relocate on! Think around it. If this male takes the moment to go out through his friends because that drinks, however pays no fist to them, there’s a great chance he is an asshole. Like, huge odds. Skip end him. Move on.

Part 2: just how does the treat wait staff? Is he rude or sarcastic? guys who don’t respect wait employee or organization people don’t respect many people. And this is key. Walk he pointer generously? men who know just how to treat business people are more likely to it is in charitable and also giving. I don’t have actually science to earlier this up, however I’m always right. Oh, he’s more likely come be much more generous in bed too. You could be interested in that, so I just thought I’d cite it.

Part 3: deserve to he look you in the eyes? can he talk to you there is no looking away? Is that captivated by your words? have the right to he give you the fist you crave? (The attention you deserve, through the way!)

When a man passes all 3 of these “tests” climate there’s a great chance he’s partnership material, and possibly worthy of her newfound skill. When you know how to use the right combination of carefully chosen words, no man will care if you’re end 35, 45, or even 75. And also it i will not ~ matter just how much package you carry with girlfriend either.

Tiffany, take it this information and also do through it what you will. The powerful. I wish girlfriend luck, and also let me know just how it goes.

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— So, that’s my ide for Tiffany, and for any woman who worries around suffering native the over the wall, undesirable, “baggage” label. Watch this video clip and you’ll discover how girlfriend can instantly turn the tables and also use the magnetic strength of the woman voice to dominate the wildest, untamable bachelor.


Do girlfriend feel like Tiffany? room you “over the wall” and worried you’ll never again be emotionally or physical desired?

If you desire a male to see you together a desirable, unicorn, then watch this video now. When he discovers you a unicorn, hell slay fire-breathing dragons, crawl over searing, white hot coals, or also shop in the tampon aisle, for the chance to put roses at your feet and massage your piggy toes!