I’m a junior who has actually just moved back to campus, and despite being an upperclassman, i still can not use quite figured out how to method women in college. For the last 2 years, I’ve essentially had no love life, and I’d choose to readjust that this year. Can any type of of you market some advice? any kind of advice from college girls would be especially appreciated! Basically, I have two questions. Thanks!

(1) Is it okay to strategy women that you don’t know at all on campus, or is that seen as creepy/desperate? ns not certain whether it would certainly come across as sleazy, due to the fact that if ns don’t know her, then obviously I’m simply approaching her because of she attractive. Because that example, periodically I’ll watch a cute girl in the cafeteria or simply walking throughout campus–is the okay simply to go approximately her and also introduce myself? If not, what in your opinion are some much more acceptable alternatives for socializing through women?

(2) If pull close a woman is fine, climate what execute you say? I discover that this is particularly challenging from a male perspective, because we are constantly being told the we want to do our intentions gets rid of so we don’t wind up in the dread friend zone. However then I additionally wouldn’t want to be as well forward and also freak the girl out. Can you men suggest any kind of openers that would break the ice and also get the message across in a means that a girl would certainly be comfortable with?

It"s only creepy if you"re creepy. Say hi. Don"t to speak "You"re so hot." ns wouldn"t technique people who look favor they"re do the efforts to obtain somewhere, though. Chat to the people about you in class. Join clubs.Personally (assuming ns was single at the time) I"d fairly derekwadsworth.com to who who"s just being friendly. If you need to make it more than that, be COMPLIMENTARY, not CRUDE. Nothing sexual. Compliments that would certainly make her smile -- "I really like your shirt, is the from doctor Who?" etc. Not "Wow, your butt is great." That"s what makes it creepy.

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** and also in irradiate of a details recent viral article…don’t stroked nerves someone who’s wearing headphones. It’s no a an obstacle to obtain her to an alert you (you as in the general you, anyone).

You’re most most likely overthinking it. The two long term girlfriends I had in university I simply sat next to in class and sparked a conversation. I don’t remember specifically what I claimed to either of castle the first time, but it doesn’t really issue as lengthy as you room being polite. Likewise I i will not ~ derekwadsworth.com to a girl expecting the you’re walking to end up with her. You might not have actually anything in common once you begin derekwadsworth.coming and thay’s yes sir too. Just don’t overthink it. Once I wasn’t came to with detect a girl friend is once I’ve been many successful through women. The reality that you began this thread means that you’re most likely trying too hard. Just relax, derekwadsworth.com to part girls simply wanting to it is in friends, be nice, be yourself, and also eventually among them will fall for you.

Think about the situation before you technique someone you nothing know. If you would certainly be ok with being approached, it’s more than likely fine, if friend wouldn’t, don’t. Go leisurely throughout campus? Fine. Running to class? No. Wearing earbuds, intently focused on work? No. Drink a coffee at a table, saying hello to passersby? Fine. Nothing be creepy, don’t stare, and also don’t suppose that this one interaction will necessarily bring about more.

If you desire to begin off v compliments, compliment miscellaneous she’s chosen - a t-shirt, a scarf, a hairstyle - no something about her body. If you share a class with her, maybe point out you found something she said interesting, or the it made you think (only if it really did - don’t lie about this kind of thing). Be all set to read body language and understand that if she doesn’t respond to conversational openers, she’s no interested. If she’s not interested, eliminate yourself indigenous the situation, don’t cave around.

If she"s hotter 보다 you, don"t carry out it. If girlfriend can"t phone call if she"s hotter 보다 you, obtain an opinion from 3 male friends v the deciding variable being a 2 the end of 3 vote.Doesn"t matter what you say, just incorporate the topic of "harambe" in some way.

I agree through others…it works far better if the is much more “organic”…derekwadsworth.com to human being after class. Derekwadsworth.com to world in her dorm. Derekwadsworth.com to civilization in the cafeteria…but don’t necessarily always assume it will “go somewhere.”

Good advice above (well, other than for #4

). Just how would friend derekwadsworth.com come a guy? ~ class, you’d say miscellaneous like, “That to be the many boring great ever!” and also then he’d to speak yes or no and also you’d comment ago and forth and HOLY COW you’re derekwadsworth.comING and also YOU DIDN’T even TRY!

Do that.

Do not worry around the “friend zone” - it can be a great place come start. And for pete’s sake, don’t read any kind of PUA websites.

You room tipping her hand top top your problem by stating that you want to derekwadsworth.com come someone that looks cute. Derekwadsworth.com to the women in her classes, in clubs girlfriend belong to, in ~ volunteer activities, or in ~ your part time job. Forget “cute” – think about interesting, funny, kind, thoughtful, clever instead. Women have the right to tell which guys want to know them as world vs a superficial emphasis on looks. And also most don’t offer the 2nd kind the time of day.

OhSorryYo - I understand that your second point is supposed to be a joke, yet I actually had 1+ hour lengthy conversation with a male at my internship since he brought up Harambe. I am completely serious.

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When you view a girl that you think is cute, start a conversation v them through asking simple questions (where are you from, what’s her major, etc.)

One method to be clear around your intentions is come ask she on a date (e.g. Come a coffee shop close to campus). If she states yes, you can be reasonably sure the she’s interested in you. If she says no, you’ll probably feel kind of awkward, but that doesn’t typical you’re creepy or the either of you did anything wrong.