Struggling to stop being shooting in GTA 5? Here's exactly how to take it cover and protect yourself.

You can"t go five minutes in GTA 5without gift shot at. Even if it is it be some trolls inGTA online who desire your an individual vehicle or part cops who space upset that you picked up their cruisers through a cargobob and also dropped that in the ocean, you"ll need to know how to take it cover come survive.

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Taking cover in GTA 5 isn"t as simple as simply standing behind a wall. It"s one actual built-in mechanic that permits you to take it cover behind her surroundings and also safely administer cover fire. You additionally have the capability to remote fire approximately corners or over ledges, such that you deserve to shoot there is no risking gift shot yourself.


To take it cover, you require to discover a an ideal piece the the atmosphere to take cover behind. This can be a edge of a building, a little ledge the you can duck behind, a tree or post, a car, etc.

Approach the object that you want to use for cover and face the while pressing against it. To take cover, hold Q ~ above PC, R1 top top PlayStation, or RB top top Xbox. This will revolve you around and lean your character up against the object, or duck castle behind it.

You can still check out what"s previous the cover, yet your personality can"t.

However, if you"d prefer to peek over or around the thing you"re hiding behind and get a much better view, you have the right to use the aim switch (right-click on PC, L2 on PlayStation, or LT on Xbox). This will certainly peek her character"s head approximately the cover. Be warned that you deserve to be shot when you execute this.

If you"d favor to shoot, you deserve to press the fire button(left-click top top PC, R2 top top PlayStation, or RT top top Xbox) if aiming about your cover. This will permit you to fire while remaining mostly behind cover.

If you aren"t aiming, you deserve to still remote fire. This is lot safer yet far less accurate. If you"d prefer to switch which side of the sheathe you"re shoot from, you have the right to move left and also right as normal to move directions.

Whenever you"re done through your cover, all you need to do is push the cover switch once again, and you"ll free yourself to move.

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And that"s exactly how to take it cover in GTA 5. Inspect out our organize of other GTA 5 guides and GTA Online guides right here on