How come Play stand By Me ~ above Piano

Do you desire to learn just how to play was standing By Me on the piano? as you have the right to see in the was standing By Me piano tutorial video clip above, is your faster way to playing this track in 60 seconds. By placing (R) shade coded piano tabs (decals) to your piano/keyboard and also matching the colors come the the digital (R) paper music, anyone have the right to play piano instantly there is no piano lessons. Finally, Piano for the singer, dabbler, wannabe and also aspirer that is problem free, lesson cost-free and fast… 60 seconds fast.

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Wanna play stand By Me ~ above the piano? gain the tune here:

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Here room the lyrics to was standing By Me the you have the right to sing while play the piano:

“Stand by Me”

When the night has actually comeAnd the soil is darkAnd the moon is the only light we’ll seeNo i won’t it is in afraidOh, ns won’t be afraidJust as long as girlfriend stand, stand by me

So darling, darlingStand through me, five stand by meOh stand, was standing by meStand by me

If the skies that we look uponShould tumble and fallOr the hill should crumble come the seaI won’t cry, ns won’t cryNo, i won’t melted a tearJust as lengthy as friend stand, was standing by me

And darling, darlingStand by me, five stand through meOh was standing now, stand by meStand through me

So darling, darlingStand by me, oh stand by meOh was standing now, was standing by me, stand by meWhenever you’re in problem won’t you was standing by meOh was standing by me, won’t you was standing now, oh, standStand by me


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