Medically the evaluation by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst on June 29, 2020

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Once only seen on punks and also cartoon bulls, the septum piercing — i beg your pardon goes through the fleshy tissue in between your nostrils — has end up being slightly more mainstream, partly thanks to celebs sporting them.

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Toying v the idea of obtaining one yourself? here’s what you must know.

Pretty much, yet keep in mind that all noses are different. No everyone’s septum has a columella, i beg your pardon is the thin strip of fleshy tissue that sit in front of the cartilage.

Ideally, that little of flesh is the “sweet spot” the piercers usage for septum piercings. If your is especially thin or nonexistent, a piercer could go through the cartilage, but that hurts more and takes longer to heal.

If she a stickler for symmetry but have a deviated septum, your piercing i will not ~ be centered. Not a large deal, yet it have the right to be come some.

How’s that done?

Once you’ve favored your human body artist (aka your piercer), you’ll be request to display your ID and fill in some paperwork, consisting of a waiver.

When she ready, you will do it lie ago in a recliner or top top a table while castle disinfect the area inside your nostrils.

The an approach used for the procedure deserve to vary relying on the piercer.

They can use:

only a needle (referred to together freehand)forceps to organize your nostrils open and also a needlea receiving tube, i m sorry is a hollow tube the supports the tissue on one side and also receives the needle together it’s passed through

The jewel is then slipped into the opened as the needle is traction out.

The an approach can vary, however sanitary and safety steps should be consistent and also include:

the piercer putting on clean disposable glovesthe inside of both nostrils gift disinfected thoroughlythe piercer removed the needles and other devices from sterile containers or packaging

The entire procedure is pretty rapid (hallelujah!) and only takes a minute or 2 from begin to finish.

Some uncomfortable when having actually a feet poked in your body’s pretty much a given. That said, septum piercings aren’t typically up over there with various other piercings when it concerns pain.

Assuming her piercer access time the sweet spot, most world describe the sensation as much more “weird” or “unusual” 보다 painful and compare it to the feeling of needing come sneeze.

The pain from the needle going into the tissue just lasts a split second. Some human being find that the application of the jewelry actually harms more than the puncturing the the skin.

If you desire to store pain a minimum, try to relax. The consensus amongst piercers and also pierce-ees (not a word, however you gain the gist) is the being tense appears to boost pain.

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You can expect part mild tenderness in ~ the guideline of your sleep over the first week or so, but nothing major. Much more than that could be a sign of an infection or various other complication.