It says press down and turn and also I have been law that! (Yes i m transforming it the exactly way.) mine boyfriend can not get it open up either!

Is there part trick come it? What am i missing?! i googled it and also found nothing! I can t be the only person on earth with this problem!

Please help! I can not breathe!

First, you have actually to come to the realization the the party is not defective (neither space you), but rather the style is. Then, if you thrive dark with rage, count to 10 and remember a happy place. Finally, when you calm down, acquire yourslf a pair that pliers and also yank in ~ the basic of the optimal as hard as friend can. After ~ so lot effort and multiple vocabulary repetition, you will concerned realize that destiny has played an additional trick top top you and there is a 2nd chastity lid beneath the red one. With your last oz of strength, reduced the clear cap with your pliers (cut go not average SLAM). Low and also behold, friend have accomplished the unthinkable, you lastly oƿє-ṅєd one Afrin Bottle.

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But wait, you simply realized a miracle has happened! The objective of the ordeal is not to obtain your nostril roughly the party opening, but rather acquire you furious enough to where your bodily attributes get functioned up and also start flowing everywhere. So now your nose is clear, and you have just come to the conclusion the you invest $10 because that a decongestion spray, when you could have just smashed the hell out the a bottle cap because that free, and you d it is in $10 richer.

"The above guide has been paid for by her favorite neighborly decongestion spray company for your humorous well-being (please perform not sue us)"

I newly purchased the 2/3 oz (20 ml) and couldn’t open up the lid no issue how numerous different times i tried. Ns asked others for help. It almost became a dispute with nobody a winner. Mine wife knowing I was having trouble with the 1sr party purchased a 2nd bottle indigenous a various stone. (we had setup to return the 1st bottle) come our surprised the 2nd bottle to be the same. Ns was so desperate (and mad) to usage my nasal spray that I finally went come my job-related bench and use a cutter tool to open up the sprayer cut through the an initial cap (burgundy color) and had to slightly cut into the 2nd cap (white). Yes, lastly I had the ability to unscrew the white camp and use my bottle of Afrin. Crazy ns Know. I know this Afrin bottle was made with a child safety cap yet maybe it have to not incorporate adult locking (out) safety cap. (Think the a human being with Arthritis) It’s devastating idea because that a safety cap.

I just uncovered another means to open up these destructive Afrin bottles. The instructions speak to location the bottom of the bottle on a level surface, and also then press down top top the lid while transforming counter-clockwise. However, that is quite much impossible to push down through the lot of pressure needed in a continuous manner if also turning the cap. Yet if you rotate the bottle upside down, so the the top of the red lid is ~ above the flat surface, and also push down tough on the whole bottle, you will certainly release the vacuum. It will hiss and a couple of drops of the spray will leak out due to the fact that the bottle is upside down, yet it is worth shedding a few drops the the spray to gain the party unsealed. Then when you watch that the vacuum seal is broken, then while still holding the party upside down, twist it to open up the cap. It is straightforward to twist at that point. I discover it helps if you placed a towel on the flat surface before beginning this, so that the lid won"t slip about on the level surface while you space performing this stroked nerves feat.

I additionally thought i bought a defective one and so purchase a 2nd one and realized the cap has actually such a terrible architecture you can t open it. So ns started searching online to see exactly how others addressed it. Lastly after 30 minute I got it open. The instructions to speak to push "down" while turning the cap. However, you need to additionally squeeze the fat serrated component of the lid while pushing, and also it help to hold the bottle sideways. Over there is too lot vacuum press in the bottle. Pull and move it about while turning and ultimately you will certainly hear the vacuum release and also it will open. When you get it open, then succeeding use is fine - the cap goes off and also one prefer you would certainly hope. However overcoming the early vacuum is terrible. Also, as soon as you have removed the red cap, the construction of the bottle sleep is exactly like the old style. For this reason if you have any kind of empty old bottles around, you deserve to use the old red hat on the brand-new bottle - they fit simply fine. So don t throw out your old empty - save the old lid if you like to use that style.

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After 5 minutes of make the efforts to open up as instructed v no luck, ns took vice grips and also yanked the entirety top off. Spilled some but poured the rest right into an old bottle through a dropper i had. Now it"s similar to the sleep drops I supplied as a kid prior to they had the spray. What a ****** up design, i don"t get it

Alright, I too bought three bottles in a package at CostCo because that $8.99 and thought wow, they room the bigger bottles i have uncovered the purchase of the year! got them home and also crap! ns couldn"t open them!

After reading all your great posts I obtained a pair the pliers and also squeezed the bottom the the cap, turned and also WhaLa! The cap come off.

I then placed the cap ago on to check it and it to be stuck again therefore after I acquired it turn off again ns took the pliers, put the top component of the plier into the cap and also the bottom ~ above the outer edge of the cap and did a few "squeeze"s" around the inner part of the lid to press down on the little elements that lock the lid. It worked! Took every one of two minutes.

Try this and great luck.