Massaging your chest implants after breast augmentation is among the finest ways to ensure that your implants stay healthy and also natural in your appearance. When performed correctly, breast massage ~ implant surgery have the right to not only produce a satisfaction aesthetic, however it can also speed increase the heal of her breasts.

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Why Is It vital to Massage her Breasts?

The goal of frequent breast massages after ~ augmentation is to keep the implant soft and natural. As soon as your body senses any kind of foreign substance, the initial response is to stimulate the manufacturing of scar tissue. Over time this scar tissue will harden around your breasts and affect the appearance and feel of your implants. Practicing breast massages will minimize the growth of scar tissue, enabling implants to stay soft and flexible.

When have to You begin Massaging your Breasts?

You should start massaging your breasts one mainly after your surgical procedure to encourage healthy and also beautiful results. Girlfriend do, however, want to wait till after her incisions have actually healed come be sure that you execute not open the incisions, as this deserve to lead come infection. Breast massages need to be performed two to three times a work for two to three minutes at a time. The is encourage to execute these typically for the very first three months of her healing process; however, proceeding this habit afterward will certainly only assist in her results. Plenty of patients decide to save this exercise for as long as they have their implants.

Proper chest Massage Techniques

At one main post-op, massage your breasts in a one motion beginning at the height pole of the breasts and gently move approximately the implant clockwise. This will alleviate swelling and also increase your healing time. When an initial beginning this massages, the is best to support the bottom that the breast through one hand while the various other massages. After ~ a few days, you have the right to move to much more aggressive massage methods such as pressing and stretching any type of tissue the feels hard, as well as squeezing the implants allowing them to shift in the chest pocket. Carry out not be fear to use enough pressure when performing these massages. The implant can withstand the pressure and also the deeper friend massage, the much better off you will certainly be.

It is way to always consult with Dr. Batra before beginning chest massages due to the fact that implants that are shaped or textured space not perfect and massaging can affect their final appearance.



After in search of the appropriate Dr to aid me and several comfortable meetings I chose to go through Dr Batra hand down. What wonderful work Dr Batra did the is an artist from begin to end up he has been therefore warm, helpful and patient. This was such a law to give myself and also I will share recovery because that me was fast very tiny discomfort and 2 mths later on I feeling younger and refreshed (very thankful).

Surgeries space life transforming and need to not be taken lightly which is why i researched for months and did my homework. I also want come share whilst researching Dr Batra I check out through his Blogs, i m sorry we periodically skip and I was touched through not just is that a wonderful surgeon however what a type soul the is, his yearly trips to India to give ago and volunteer his work and time is so humbling and also says so much around ones character.

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I would 100% recommend Dr Batra and also his team. Give thanks to you therefore much

I to be on my third breast augmentation after having actually my very first child. I had a leak in my left and so much scar tissue arising in mine right. It was such a nightmare and also then finding a physician I was comfortable with after 2 botched surgeries was so stressful. I checked out a bunch that referrals native friends but nothing feeling right, after ~ doing lot of of research on mine own and reading evaluation after evaluation I made decision to book a consul through Dr. Batra. He to be so confident on being able to resolve my situation and the employee made make the decision even easier. My surgical procedure was a breeze and healing to be so wonderful I had no pain and felt amazing. If I had actually to carry out this again hands down I would certainly go with Dr. Batra again.