Whether you’re a starting person or a poppers enthusiast, this day we’re going come talk around how to store your poppers fresh.

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As you know, poppers room liquid and evaporate easily. If you great to understand a few tips on how to store yours poppers efficiently, this post is fr you! maintaining your amyl, propyl or pentyl nitrites won’t have secrets anymore.

Knowing to save your poppers is a an excellent thing but what for?

To have actually an optimal conservation of their aromas.To limit the threats of side effects.To make certain your poppers don’t evaporate too quickly.

We recommend the you use your poppers for as numerous as 4 weeks as the effects tend come decrease rapidly.

We additionally advise girlfriend to stop any adjust in temperature for your favorite poppers.

Keep her poppers in a ventilated place

You have absolutely noticed that poppers have a strong smell, that’s why it’s recipient to save them in a place that will certainly not contaminate your totality home. Maintaining them in a dry and also ventilated place is the ideal solution every little thing the brand of poppers you have ( jungle Juice, Blue Boy, Everest…) or the kind ( amyl nitrite, propyl nitrite or pentyl nitrite).


Keep your bottle of aroma in your fridge

The fridge is the right location for her bottles of poppers. It’s a famous tip that works well. The adversary of poppers is heat. Undoubtedly as they’re sold in a liquid state (and periodically solid) castle will have tendency to evaporate in a heat environment. This tip have the right to be helpful in Europe whereby we have a fairly temperate climate yet it will certainly be an extremely useful if you great to take trip in warm and also exotic countries.

Never forget the the fridge will certainly make her poppers continue to be as new as possible but you’ll need to be careful and also avoid it if you have actually children.


Keep away from children

Never forget to store poppers far from children as these tiny bottles might look attractive to them. In case of ingestion, speak to a medical professional immediately!

Poppers are likewise flammable, i beg your pardon is an additional reason for keeping them far from children.

Please take it this advice seriously together the sloop down of nitrites are really dangerous.

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To conclude

Watch the end for poppers that are too old or bad kept due to the fact that they deserve to be harmful and also have side results such together burning your skin…

Inhaling these assets has to be excellent under details conditions: having actually fresh poppers the were stored in a dried place and away indigenous light and also children.

Don’t forget that nitrites space volatil products that should be replaced frequently in her stock (every 3 or 4 weeks ~ opening)