How to develop a homemade go kart axle. This guide shows the setup because that the rear resolved axle from the tubing, bolt stubs, tack welding, and fixing the axle to the behind of the go kart.

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Go Kart behind Axle

Going turn off the free go kart plans, I cut a ar of 11 ga 1″x1″ square tubing come a size of 25 and also 3/16 inches long. The various other parts needed to develop the go kart behind axle room two (2) 5/8″ diameter bolts. The lengths because that the bolts, or axle stubs, will certainly be different as one bolt is longer to accommodate the rear drive wheel assembly, and also the other is supplied for the passenger side wheel the spins independently of the drive wheel. It must be noted that the behind axle for these plans is what is thought about a ‘dead’ axle or ‘one wheel drive’ axle together it is the simplest and easiest type of axle to use. The journey wheel finish of the axle has a 6″x5/8″ bolt, and also the passenger end of the axle has a 4″x5/8″ bolt. I provided grade 8 bolts, yet grade 5 bolts are just fine come use.


Weld the Axle Stubs to the Tubing

The process to weld the axle stubs (bolts) come the fixed axle is an extremely important because this will certainly be a load bearing part of the kart. Below are the steps:

Grind a slight bevel on the edges of the tube ends for maximum weld penetration. I did not carry out this as my welder was solid enough come weld through, however this have to be excellent if you are using a irradiate duty welder.Tack weld the bolts to the tube in four opposite corners.Use a directly edge or level to check that the bolt runs parallel through the pipe on all 4 edges. Usage a hammer and tap the bolt right into place.Tack in between the four tacks for a full of 8 tacks.Verify the axle bolts run parallel come the tubing.Weld one next of the bolt come tubing junction at a time. As soon as you have the first side welded, flip the axle over and weld the opposite next to minimize warping.If you have actually a tiny welder, clean the welds through a cable wheel attachment on her angle grinder, and also perform multiple weld passes over the edge of the first weld for added strength. My welder to be beefy enough to simply do one pass.Repeat on the other end of the axle.


Go Kart Rear addressed Axle Welding

Because the journey wheel and passenger wheel attach at various spots, friend will should offset the fixed axle indigenous the head of the bolt come the walk kart frame. Law this will enable the rear wheels to be the exact same distance indigenous the frame. The steps are together follows:

Orient the 6″ bolt end of the axle on the drivers side that the frame.Per the plans, measure the correct distance from the earlier of the kart come the addressed axle. Dual check the rear axle distance from the former of the axle, (they have to be the exact same on both sides).Measure 1 1/2″ from the driver’s next bolt head come the frame and also 2 11/16″ indigenous the passenger bolt head come the frame.Tack weld the axle frame.Weld the axle come the frame.

Now that you have the homemade walk kart axle built and welded come the frame, you can take the parts for the axle assembly and also do a dry fit to check out if whatever turned out well.

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You are doing great. Simply take things one action at a time. Currently its on to the floor pan.

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