I love doing scientific research experiments with my kids that need minimal family material , are straightforward to set up and also inspire discovery, learning and also playing. This DIY magnifying glass is one such task that will astound children and also adults alike.

We were an initial inspired to execute this experiment after ~ watching the Curious George – great Monkey Detective show when mine eldest son was a small boy. In the episode, George tries come investigate things using a clear glass rolling pin filled v water. Today, ns just happen to realize the I never ever did this experiment with my younger son, for this reason it was time come revisit that again. The kids loved it and also had funny looking at things in the backyard v their very own DIY magnifying glass.

Watch the Experiment here

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Cut the one shape. It needs to be close come the bottle’s neck so you get a key shape once you cut it out.



Hold it over a publication or file to do the letters appear bigger. It’s really that straightforward and actually works.


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How that Works

When the water is placed on the plastic disc, that acts as a convex lens. Convex lens is a thick centered lens with a diluent edge and can magnify objects if girlfriend look through it. A water droplet surface ar curves outwards to kind a dome. The outside curvature the the water droplet is comparable to the curved surface ar of a convex lens. The more outwardly bent the lens, the stronger its magnification. This is because it is bending or refracting much more light in a shorter space. The result is an enlarged image on your eye. The thing seems larger than that is.

What perform you think will occur if the water autumn is smaller sized ? that will create a bigger change in the direction the the light ray, for this reason a bigger magnification.

Changing the place of the water drop through respect to the letters and also your eye will also impact the magnification factor. So, if you room wondering why you do not have actually a clean picture. Then shot adjusting the distance in between the magnifier and the object.

Further Extension

You can likewise create a magnifying glass by pour it until it is full a clean glass jar with water to the top and also and watch the objects magnify through looking through the jar. Shot replacing water droplets with any kind of other clean liquid.Experiment how magnification changes with various sized water droplets.

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