We have actually an i can not qualify Star wars fan, friends. The all started a couple of weeks ago when ns was playing with ideas for a freelance job I’m functioning on. Us were trying to highlight cheap homemade Halloween costumes, and this idea cost about $15. While ns was styling props, Noodle to walk over and asked around the Darth Vader mask. She had actually no idea who it was, or why his mask to be so angry looking.

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Which is as soon as I virtually panicked because of that totality nightmare thing. Yet she to be all, “Hmmm, let’s try it on, candlestick we?”*

*not her exact words. She was more like, “I desire to try the ‘Darth Mater’ mask!”

Try the on she did.


Haha! work that irradiate saber, girl! seems someone was produced the role, despite never having seen the Star wars movies. She picked up the lightsaber and also immediately began saying, “I to be THE DARTH VADER!” also though this started out as a homemade adult Darth Vader costume, it was perfect as a kids’ costume as well– through a teeny bit of tailoring, that course. The totality scene had me in hysterics, she so looked favor that small boy in the Volkswagen commercial.

I suppose this costume is a little of a cheat, since we purchase the mask and didn’t make it native scratch. But it was so fun, and also trust me– that cost way less than save bought Darth Vader costumes. Plus, you obtain to wield a plunger-turned-lightsaber, people. Extra points because that that, right?


Here’s every you require to produce the costume, all are easily accessible at household Dollar (and I’m guessing at various other discount stores together well):

Darth Vader maskblack plastic ponchoplungerneon washcloth/dust ragfabric glueblack glovesblack shirt, pants (optional, not shown)various types of fancy tape because that the buttons ~ above the chest (optional, no shown)


I’m guessing most fans already own a irradiate saber, yet if not you can make a funny one utilizing a toilet plunger and also a neon cloth. I just unscrewed the take care of off a new plunger because that the base. Apply a line of glue to the handle, then connect the neon cloth. Pave the cloth roughly the handle, and glue again at the edge.


Cut poncho to wanted length. You can slit it up the center if you’d rather have actually a cape, and attach in ~ the neck with velcro. Then wear a black top and also pants and decorate the chest with tape (duct tape, colored electrical tape, reflective tape, etc.) to produce the Darth Vader architecture thingy. I’m sorry, ns don’t recognize anything about Star Wars, feel totally free to school me top top what’s actually on his chest and belly. Every I recognize is you can create a good knock-off through some colored piece of tape.

Put ~ above poncho and also mask, include gloves, and start swinging the irradiate saber. May THE pressure BE through YOU! I’m guessing ol’ Darth doesn’t say that either, yet you’ll let that slide, right?

As for my mini-Darth, five boy, I’ve produced a monster.

Or a former Jedi Warrior now a henchman because that the Emperor Palpatine. Haha, did i impress you with my Star Wars knowledge right there?

Thank you, Wikipedia.

If you’d favor to check out the short articles I composed for the family Dollar blog, here’s how to make a homemade cowboy / cowgirl costume for simply a few dollars (it involves a food towel, folks) and also some very delicious Rice Krispie Halloween Witch hat Treats (with liquid corn. Of COURSE).

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It might not it is in an really Darth costume, however it was fun to pat with. And Noodle quiet busts the end her ideal Darth Vader voice often– watch out, James Earl Jones! She’s small but mighty, that tiny one.

Do you typically make or buy her costumes? make the efforts to find all the pieces at a discount save for ours costumes was a blast, and I recognize there’s some other great ideas the end there. Let’s hear them!

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