Bad things happen to good people occasionally for no reasonable reason. Sometimes we don’t understand why disease or misfortune befalls us, and we desire to know the indicators of a curse. In this article, us teach you how to tell if you’re truly cursed add to teach you exactly how to break curses and also reclaim your life.

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First, Curses are extremely Unlikely

Before we even get into the symptoms and signs the a curse, we need to tell you this – the idea that a curse was truly put on girlfriend or your family members is very unlikely! It’s not impossible, however it is exceptionally rare. Most of the world who think they are cursed just don’t desire to confront reality that poor things take place sometimes because that no recognized reason. The IS life. It sucks to admit it and face the truth, however we’re no all cursed when illness and bad happy befall us. So rest easy. 99 times out of a hundred, a curse has actually not been placed on you!

Ask you yourself This…?

What go I execute to deserve someone’s hatred and also rage to the point they would exert such effort and time cursing me? The reality of the issue is because that a curse to yes, really take hold, that takes fairly a most energy and magical ability. So, one of two people the human being who’s cursing girlfriend is a expert conjurer or witch, OR they space paying a conjurer/witch great money to curse you for them. Curses nothing come cheap! also ask yourself this, does this person have actually magical abilities to perform it themselves? execute they have the cash-flow come pay someone to curse you? If the price is you’re unsure, then avoid being paranoid!

**PLEASE NOTE: the takes an ext than one of these indications of a curse come actually consider yourself or household cursed.


First sign of a Curse: Inexplicable disease and/or Injury

If you are a healthy person overall and start coming down with inexplicable condition or arbitrarily injuries, this may be a authorize of a curse. Save in mind, disease is generally in reaction to part other concern going ~ above in her body, psychic or spirit. So an initial examine yourself together a whole prior to jumping come the curse notion. That being said, curses and hexes have the right to be placed on civilization to do them ill and “waste away”, etc. And if this is disease that the physicians can’t even figure out – this might be a curse/hex working against you.

2. Wire of negative Luck

Typically you space a person of great fortune. Things tend to go your way, in ~ reason. Now, in ~ the past few weeks/months, you seem come be handling an unshakable cable of poor luck. Again, prior to jumping come the curse conclusion, examine your decisions in life. Is this “bad luck” reactionary come your bad actions in life? If the prize is no, girlfriend may have actually someone trying come curse/hex you. Poor luck includes: financial problems, health worries (see the an initial sign), transportation/vehicle problems, an innovation sna-fus, etc.

3. You’re involved in a Witch War

While most of united state in the witch community want to think every other witch and magical individual is loving and kind, an especially to our own kind, the reality is that not everyone is about the love and light. If you room a witch or pagan and also have to be a component of a pagan/witchy community, the possibilities of you being cursed/hexed by one more witch increase ten-fold indigenous the layperson. The truth is – once jealousy or drama comes right into play, a witch can be much more prone come curse one more witch than a non-witch. For this reason if you have a witch throwing shade at you, he/she might also be trying to curse you.

4. Strange animal Occurrences

A common sign the a curse consists of strange pet appearances, disappearances and also illnesses. The separation, personal, instance doing the cursing could potentially send an pet familiar to “spy” on you, bring bad juju to your doorstep, and also more. Is there an animal that seems to be difficult around, checking you out an ext than usual? have actually you found a dead or dying pet (or more) at her doorstep, recently? Or have actually your pet come down with illness or death? Unfortunately animals are topic to curses, too.

5. Broken Glass

Are you finding broken glass on her doorsteps or in her front garden seemingly out of nowhere? This is just one of those common signs of a curse or hex the dates earlier centuries. In conjure and hoodoo traditions, party filled with cursing ingredients space thrown at an enemy’s doorstep or front door and also when damaged release the hex. Plus that freaking damages to step on broken glass through bare feet, doesn’t it? broken glass may be a authorize of a curse.

6. Your Guides room Warning girlfriend Of a Curse

This is a large one and one the you can always trust. Your guides will WARN girlfriend if you space under a spiritual attack of some kind. This is a authorize of a curse the you can trust. Indicators will come in different forms – including random conversations, icons in nature, on TV, etc. Ask them to confirm their warnings, if you unsure.

7. Random negative Thoughts

You’re generally a positive, positive person, however suddenly you’re having depressing, maybe also suicidal thoughts. Did you do it noticed this thoughts don’t seem to be comes from inside yet they seem like they’re an outside source. Make note that this thoughts space NOT her own. This can be a sign of a curse and that she under spiritual attack.

8. Damaged Relationships

In addition to one or an ext of the above signs of a curse, sudden damaged relationships can indicate spirituality attack. This might be any kind of relationship: familial, romantic, platonic, etc. Curses look for to destroy lives and also what better way come tear someone apart than to separation them from their loved ones?

9. Strange Objects On your Property

Curses deserve to truly just take root once the human being being cursed fuels it through their own fear and negativity. Store this in mind. For this reason if you uncover strange objects, symbols, or points on your building that nothing belong to you and also seem come smell choose evil magic, this might be a sign someone is trying to curse you. Someone once showed me a photograph of a pot of fecal issue – this is an obvious sign who is throwing negative juju her way! Missing personal items is sometimes a sign of a curse.

10. Missing personal Items

It’s simplest for who to curse or hex girlfriend if they have a item of your an individual property. Room you lacking anything an individual such together underwear, a hairbrush, jewelry, keys, etc.? these items carry your DNA and are regularly used by witches come curse individuals. If someone’s remained in your house recently and something an individual has unable to do missing, this can be a authorize of a curse.

11. Bad Omens

When some human being see an owl or a blackbird, immediately they think it’s a negative omen. This isn’t always the case. But seeing one omen in conjunction v other signs of a curse might confirm your suspicions. Some negative omens include: a bird flying into a closed home window and dying, a woodpecker knocking on your door/house, 6 crows on the eave, an inexplicable high-pitched wailing outside, and also the chirp the a deathwatch beetle.

12. Bad Weather Over your House

Depending ~ above the severity and power of the human cursing you, the weather over your house or building will it is in worse than elsewhere in town. Comparable to exactly how Eeyore constantly had a cloud over his head, except this will be over your home. Dark clouds, rain, fog, etc.

13. Feeling of being Watched Is a authorize of a Curse

If someone is spying top top you, they might be sending spirits and also animals to clock you. If you get the emotion you are being watched, even when you’re home alone, this could be a sign of a curse. Nothing let this scare you! review on to learn just how to rest a curse or hex.

14. Nightmares and Recurring Dreams

Our guides and our greater selves regularly warn us through our dreams. If you have a recurring dream in which someone is breaking right into your house, stealing indigenous you, or invading your space, this is a authorize you space under psychic attack. Nightmares space a side impact of curses and also hexes. The separation, personal, instance cursing you is using this come instill are afraid in her mind and also soul. Nothing let them!

15. Threatening letters or Emails

No surprise here – if you’re receiving weird and/or threatening letter in the mail or in your email inbox, this might indicate someone (possibly that an extremely person) is cursing you. The letter or email itself might be magically charged through negativity, so store a watch out.


How to break A Curse or Hex

If you stated yes to more than one indications of curses listed here, you might be under spirituality attack. That being said, I’ll speak it again, you space most likely NOT gift cursed or hexed.

First, ask her ancestors or guides to confirm what is really happening through some way of divination. I will certainly take the end my oracle cards and also ask because that my ancestors come speak come me. You can do the same. Even if it is you room or aren’t being cursed, realize this – YOUR are afraid FEEDS NEGATIVITY. A curse is fed through negativity, consisting of the victim’s fears and an unfavorable emotions. Here’s exactly how to break the curse and the negative cycle:

Don’t feed the fear. Friend are an effective enough to rest this cycle. Recognize this. Believe it.

Cleanse your an are and yourself THOROUGHLY. Smudging is the best way of exorcising negative entities and also energies from your property and also aura. Learn how to smudge here. Floor washes and sweeps and asperging with divine water space also an effective ways come cleanse.

Following a cleansing of your room and yourself through smoke, carry out a spirituality cleansing or uncrossing bath.

Next, you’ll should lay under a wonder protective ward roughly your home and also property. Learn how to place a protective ward here.

After your protective ward, make a witch’s bottle, seal it and also bury that on your property. This traps any oncoming curses or an unfavorable juju thrown your way.

In addition, cleanse and also charge a security amulet to wear top top your human while out and also about.

If you have a connection with any God/deity or your ancestors, evoke your protective energies roughly your house and yourself.

Know the the curse is broken and also move on with your life. Forget about it! that done. You space safe and protected henceforth.

**NOTE: don’t forget it’s essential to clean your room and you yourself regularly. That also critical to re-up her protective wards about your house and also re-charge your amulets, etc. As soon as a month. Human being forget that protecting one’s room and self through magick requires maintenance.

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15 indicators you’re cursed

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