Twitch might be the biggest live streaming company on the planet, but that doesn"t median it"s perfect – something it appears the agency is acutely conscious of.

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While the chat home window has long been a location to chat about games, converse through streamers, and occasionally acquire something off your chest, the does have actually a propensity to obtain a small wild in ~ times.

Twitch has been making alters to solve that, though. Because that one, if girlfriend block a user they"ll currently be gotten rid of from her follower list. Girlfriend can also remove them native the channel list entirely, and also banned users won"t even be able to see any type of channel conversation – they"ll be siloed off entirely. An excellent riddance!

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Blocked users won"t be able to refollow, whisper, or send girlfriend requests. They additionally won"t have the ability to host streams that the human being that blocked them or purchase gift subs.

If you"re thinking that players will circumnavigate the ban with an alternating account, you"re sadly rather correct, however Twitch has actually thought ahead and is implementing shadowbans on IP addresses – staying clear of even alt accounts from being able to interact.

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Finally, there"s additionally a new "Mod View" for channel mods that supplies widgets that can instantly block customers or concern timeouts, while also being may be to watch user details.

Of course, if you"re worried around being banned, climate maybe just be nice?

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