Maze financial institution Tower is the tallest building in the people of cool Theft Auto V and also Grand Theft Auto Online, the tower\"s rooftop is the highest allude of the city the Los Santos, you can obtain there to reap the aerial views of the city, take some pictures, or come escape native the police of LSPD. Besides, accessing the roof is a need to do among the side goals in the game.

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Looking up at the optimal of the Maze bank Tower

In the era the GTA san Andreas, the tower\"s top have the right to be easily accessed by obtaining to a yellow mite at the enntrance gate of the tower, the roof will certainly be gift in prior of friend immediately.However, in GTA V and also GTA Online, there\"s no together a yellow mite that deserve to take you to the roof, you likewise can\"t find any kind of elevators or stairways to with there, in regular conditions, the only way to get to the top of Maze bank Tower is paris to over there via a helicopter, plane, or blimp.

The rooftop the the Maze bank Tower

Below are 4 techniques to obtain to the height of the Maze Tower.

1. Paris a Helicopter

Flying a helicopter is the most used alternative to acquire on top of the Maze Tower, you simply need to obtain a helicopter first.


The easiest method is gaining a Buzzard attack Chopper making use of cheat (For pc version, form BUZZOFF), ~ that just fly it towards the height of the Maze Tower.If friend don\"t want to usage cheat, you have the right to either acquisition a helicopter or stealing one, the nearest ar to acquire a helicopter is the helipads top top the main Los Santos clinical Center.


Once you come this building, you must climb one or two ladders native the floor to with the helipads, occasionally the helicopters may not spawn there, in that case, shot to leave the area a few blocks away and also go ago to there and the helicopter will perhaps be there, however sometimes that still won\"t show up also after several visits, climate you have to go to other helicopter locations, which are all detailed on this page.

2. Paris an atom Blimp

Aside from paris a helicopter, the atomic Blimp can likewise be provided to fly to the building\"s roof easily. The blimps and also helicopters room generally taken into consideration easier to control contrasted to a plane, despite the blimp is much slower than various other aircraft.

An atomic Blimp arrived on the helipad that Maze Tower

The blimp have the right to be notified on an app on the phone, and then pick up it in the Vinewood Racetrack (in the enhanced version that the game, it can be got for cost-free by calling the Blimp contact on the phone and also then picking it indigenous the location presented on the map). Girlfriend can additionally hijack a NPC blimp, though it\"s no as simple as hijacking a car.

3. Paris a plane

The 3rd option is to gain an airplane, you can hijack an aircraft in Los Santos international Airport, it\"s encourage to gain a smaller sized plane, as bigger ones are challenging to floor on roof that the building. Yet it\"s not important to soil the airplane onto the building, you can first fly the aircraft over the Maze Tower and also jump the end of the cab come parachute come the roof, prior to you act this you should buy a parachute in advance (parachutes are automatically equipped after the mission minor Turbulence).

A Cargo plane on the helipad the Maze Tower

Note that the parachuting technique should no be offered if your objective of acquiring to the roof of the tower is to meet Dom Beasley there, since parachuting will make the aircraft explode top top the street and also then trigger a want level, in that situation Dom will certainly not present up on the tower.

4. Journey to over there via a mega ramp

This technique can only be offered on pc version that GTA V, as it needs you to install a mod, once the ramp mode is installed, a mega ramp that connects the ground come the rooftop of Maze Tower will appear in the game.

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Maze financial institution Tower and also a mega ramp

Now girlfriend no much longer necessarily need to attain an aircraft to get to the peak of Maze Tower, you have the right to simply drive a normal automobile to the start allude of mega ramp top top the ground, and from over there to journey up in the direction of the tower\"s rooftop.